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Warriors of Darkmyre KS

Primarilly a direct arena-style miniature combat game, with a narrative theme. Warriors take on each other in the arena.
There are also potentially scenario's for co-operative in the works.

With some of the artwork style reminiscent of 'Heavy Metal', they're seems to be some interesting looking models available - with lots more to be unlocked for sure.

The miniature range includes were-rats, zombies, dwarves; as well as cheese-cake style (males & females).

With a resin board and wide range of mini's, this looks like it could be a fun game. And at $50 for the basic game is reasonable when you consider the content (even before the stretch goals)

And if they hit $7400 ($400) away by tomorrow then all physical backers get a bonus mini.

*pity it belongs in this quiet area of the forums, as the mini's seem really good judging from the companies last KS.

*$7400 was hit, along with the $8000 goal. That being Slaine, a bald barbarian gladiator - free to $250+ backers.

But even better is the next goal $9,000; all backers get an extra model! And we are half-way to that level.

Also any backer, who facebooks' the project before it hits $12,000 will get a extra model.

This can turn out to be a great deal KS, especially for those who enjoy following a project.

The layout has been altered to make it more accessible. Another couple of Stretch goals met. Bonus mini for all stretches and a set of dice.

Anyone signing up now gets a Free Mini {well if someone refers you - PM me if you want :P }

Yep, here's the Free Mini. A brilliant elf mini.

There's even discussion about "Trap" pieces now. So if you need a pit-trap for your Dwarven Forge terrain or even just regular Pathfinder games, go over to the comments section. Pledge a dollar, make your voice heard.

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