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Mirror of Opposition creates duplicates of people and is often used as a trap. What if it was used on Purpose?

If I create a duplicate of myself in the mirror and then Dominate it.... do I have a fun little friend that I can send in before battle?

What if the duplicate cannot find me? Does it wander around looking for me? If it is attacked by someone else, does it attack back?

I know what counts as "Destruction" in the description... but what counts as "Defeat"?

Sry, lots of questions.

1. I would say that dominating your clone would be equivalent to defeating it, as it no longer has will of it's own. Then it would *poof* out of existence. So no duplicate of you mook for combat.

2. The duplicate is an exact duplicate of you. That includes memories. Trying to outsmart yourself by hiding, when you know how you were planning on hiding, should be impossible. (I suppose someone else could hide you or some such thing, but you couldn't be aware of it before looking into the mirror.)

I'm not sure how I would run the rest. Is the clone aware it's a clone? Based on the item description it obviously has a compulsion to kill you. But if it thought it was the "real" you, then it probably wouldn't attack your allies. But then, it might think you AND your allies are actually duplicates. How would you react?

Knowing someone is hiding and being able to find them are two separate things. Invisibility.

Bump for interest.

Since your duplicate has your memories, would it not know that you intended to dominate it and take countermeasures against it? Would it not attempt to do the same to you? I think that it just comes down to GM adjudication and the GM's own sense of logic when determining how the duplicate would act.

Well, you can prepare better than the "clone" can prepare.

-You can have others there waiting to capture it.(summoned angels or allies)
- Ready an action against being attacked by a creature after looking into the mirror.
- You can fool it with abilities it has no way around; ie, you cast invisibility and it (you) have no way to counter invisibility.

- You can have spells in place that you have already saved against (but the duplicate hasn't.

I just want to know what constitutes defeat. Is it capture? Removal of threat? Knock out? Death? Being Held?

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