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Name: The Carrion Corps
Alignment: True Neutral
Role: Mercenary Services

Goals: Our number one priority is having a good time in a casual setting. Duh. So our primary goal is ensuring that all guild members are having fun. It's a game.

Specialization: Fort construction and financing. We'll build you a fort out in an uncharted hex, come to an agreement with the financing of said fort, and then pass ownership of the fort to your guild or organization. We also offer other, miscellaneous mercenary services, such as custom item crafting and bounty collection, but our main agenda is hex exploration and fort construction.

Structure: Right now we're a guild of six Kickstarter backers. We'll likely do a lot of things as a small group, working together. As our membership grows, however, we'd like to start multiple cells, or flocks, with each one working independently toward the overall goals of the Corps. Our only requirement is that the flocks work with each other, and never compete for contracts, or work for different sides in an exchange (at least not simultaneously).

Membership: As a mercenary company, we accept members of any alignment, class, or race, as long as they work toward the overall goals of the organization. This means we'll probably be at odds with NE or CE characters, or any character that draws negative publicity on our guild. As our organization grows, new members will likely be assigned to new flocks based on a need assessment.

Guild Rules:
1. Never kill, attack, or impede other members of the guild.
2. Never (unlawfully) commit crimes against neutral parties, or current clients.
3. Have fun.
4, 5, 6, etc. should all be common sense, with new rules being added on a need basis.

What's with the morbid name?
What's morbid about carrion birds? Last I checked they were true neutral. They are no more evil than the lion who makes the initial kill, or the sun that dehydrates the lone wanderer until he no longer lives. A lion, that stalks it's prey and murders it, is considered a noble beast. The crow, raven, or vulture is just an animal of opportunity, much like a mercenary company. They are true neutral, like our mercenary company. They sometimes thrive on the misfortune of others, like most mercenary companies. They travel and work together as a flock, like our mercenary company. Seems like a fitting name to me.

Base of Operations: Our members need to understand that we're not going to have a base of operations. We'll travel where the wind and opportunity takes us, living in one community or working out of one fort or another, until our services are needed in another location. Eventually, if we have a persistent client, we might permanently settle in a specific village or kingdom, but until then, like the carrion flocks, we'll roost where we end up at the end of the day.

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I've added your Guild to the Guild Recruitment & Helpful Links list. If you have a brief description you'd like to appear there to let people know about your guild while they're browsing that list, just PM me or post a clear request here.

Also, The Seventh Veil welcomes you to the community, and extends an offer of Diplomatic Outreach. (Note, this is not an offer for Alliance, just a way to open formal channels for private discussions.)

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I don't see how our goals compete in any way, and hope that our small guild will have favorable discourse with your much larger organization in the future.

If you want a brief description for your Recruitment list, I think:

"Carrion Corps: Mercenary Services / Fort Building and Financing"

should suffice.

Looking forward to checking out your website.

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Set the description and saw your Diplomacy app. Decius should have you set up soon :)

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The Keepers are NG and I am sure our diplomatic people will be only too pleased to open discussion with you.

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Greetings to you, stalwart mercenaries of the Carrion Corps! I am The Wyldethorne, and I would like to introduce myself as an Ambassador of The Kingdom of Aeternum
and offer to establish Diplomatic Ties, if that be your desire. I sincerely hope to establish friendly and prosperous relations with you, our neighbors. Good day, and Well Met!

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I look forward to working closely with you all. I'll have to discuss our options and how we move forward with the rest of the Council. As a mercenary company, we want to work closely with many organizations, but we don't want to tie ourselves too closely to any one. I'm sure there's nothing wrong with opening the doors to diplomacy, though. Thank you all for your welcome.

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Hearthguard doesn't really have any of the fancy titles, Ambassadors and such. We are just a group of hard working folk. I would though like to welcome you to the River Kingdom.

Heldin Thordann

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So, this past weekend was a busy one for the Carrion Corps. Several of us backers sat down and discussed the fine details of our operation. Until we get into the game and see what it's capable of supporting, we can't nail down specifics, but we now know what we'd prefer to do.

We've also decided that it's about time to open up talk with other guilds and see if we can't get some early contracts. Things might be slow going at first while we work out the kinks of first time playing, but we're committed to seeing all contracts through to a satisfying completeness.

As for our services, if it is possible for something to be done in game, we will do it for you for a price. There will be my personal guarantee that the work will be finished, and before we start, I'll even try to give you a timetable for it's completion. Payments are all negotiable. We're a neutral organization, so there are certain things that might cost more, as we'd prefer not to do them:
Murder, Assassination, Larceny, Highway Banditry, General Harassment, Vandalism, Sabotage, Espionage, and, of course, toppling other guilds, kingdoms, or similar organizations.

We still intend to pursue the stated specialization I mentioned... what? 18 months ago? But I haven't been following every detail of this game's development and so am not sure if the mechanics even make passing ownership of things over from one group to another, or if the game still supports the construction of player buildings such as forts out in uncharted territory. Or even if there will be uncharted territory. Those maps of the Land Rush look pretty packed.

We'll also need an early base of operations until we get into the full swing of things. On this, I'm afraid, I have to be very specific. We'll want to work out of a True Neutral settlement at first to avoid accidentally taking any sides.

Finally, we're opening the proverbial doors for recruiting. Again, since most of us are, as of this moment, unfamiliar with the mechanics of this game, we're also unfamiliar with the way guilds and other organizations will work in the game. If you're interested in mercenary work, with profit sharing and a benefit package, and you're willing to be patient with us while we try and get our feet under us at launch, we're willing to have you.

Thank you all again, and I look forward to many mutually beneficial agreements in the times ahead.

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I'm happy to announce that the Carrion Corps will be working out of, and largely for, the small settlement of Canis Castrum. We are still recruiting members, though our initial mercenary pursuits will largely be concentrated in that region, and I imagine will focus on hex safety/aggression management and escort/guard type responsibilities.

I'm also excited to announce a guild forum, as sponsored by Canis Castrum's guild, Reading Between the Lines. We're legitimate, now.

Also, beware rival settlements, or those with ill-intent. The Carrion Corps will broach no aggression against Canis Castrum or it's allies in the region. Retribution will be quick and severe.

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martryn wrote:
Also, beware rival settlements, or those with ill-intent. The Carrion Corps will broach no aggression against Canis Castrum or it's allies in the region. Retribution will be quick and severe.

Ruff ruff! Ruff! Grrrrrr....ruff!

Puppies is so adorabul when dey's tryin ta be skairy. Guurzak all warm an fuzzee now.

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Watch out, Guurzak, we might let lose the doges of war. ;)

New recruits can find the Carrion Corps forum on the new Canis Castrum website. Check it out! :)

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I'm not trying to scare anyone. I just want to be clear that we will not tolerate aggression toward our base of operations. We'd rather not be involved in the politics, but we do want a measure of security for ourselves. You may pursue your conquests in other directions for the time being. At least until our contract is up.

Oh, great. Between "Loot and Scoot" and this, I'm running out of clear names for the corpse ninjaing operations I eventually hope to start up.

Still, welcome to the community! :)

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Well, Carrion Corps is alive and well, and active, in the Southwest corner of the map. Just wanted to give that small status update, just to remind people that we're still here, and we won't tolerate any tomfoolery in our neck of the woods.

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Welcome to Canis Castrum! Glad to see you guys found a home in the Aeonian League. :)

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