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lucky7 went two rounds with Tyson Chicken Nuggets.

KahnyaGnorc once boxed Rocky. It didn't end well for him.

Sovereign Court

Ventnor might not have a fancy, black bathrobe and tiny, wooden hammer but he does have slippers and an oatmeal spoon!

Oatmeal is, in the Big Bad Wolf's opinion, an oxymoron. You can't make a meal out of oats! That's just crazy talk!

GD #112 is just bitter because he was promised toemeal.

Scarab Sages

Pulg's toes are detachable and interchangeable.

IHIYC's name is a palindrome. This is obviously deeply suspect.

Sissyl's real name is Lyssis

KahnyaGnorc's name, before they changed it, was Turpis.

rashly5's real name used to be Eager2.

Before Schism's schism, Schism was known as Fusion. (Fission is the name the other one took after the schism)

KahnyaGnorc is a homophone. One definition is the poster, the other is an act that GoatToucher enjoys immensely,

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Ventnor owns a heterophone, which is like a bass saxophone, only ABSOLUTELY 150% STRAIGHT.

Pulg has a number of cousins who have made their living as actors. One played the part of a dyslexic bear-like alien in "Star Wars" and the other made his living in "The Addams Family."

The Anonymous Warrior's name is Barry.

GoatToucher opposes all anonymity on principle.

KahnyaGnorc's name is also Barry.

Grand Lodge

Pulg is currently suffering from a severe deficiency of Five Hour Energy® shots.

Just your average clone is a clone of Barry.

Ventnor once confused his tail for a third leg.

rashly5's third tail is actually his fifth leg.

Vick Tim is Davy Crockett's Wild Front Ear.

Pulg once went to a costume party as Davy Crockett's hat.

GoatToucher went to the same party as Davy Crockett's codpeice.

It was a really weird party.

Ventnor would know. His tail, and only his tail, was at that party.

Rashly wrestled a bear at that party.

His name is Jim. He likes motorcycles, Italian food, and sexually assaulting red pandas.

Rashly's avatar photo was taking in the middle of the "wrestling match."

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GoatToucher's avatar is peering up at Mount Olympus, wondering sadly when Zeus is going to come and 'visit' him in the form of a bull.

Zeus visited Pulg's mother in the form of a barber shop floor.

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One time, GoatToucher and Benjamin Franklin managed to pants the King of England, and in doing so singlehandedly won the Revolutionary War.

Grand Lodge

Ventnor is neither vent nor dragon.

Just your average clone will explode into orange cotton candy exactly [dice=1d1000] seconds after I post this.

Captain collateral damage's greatest regret is that he never learned how to roll a die.

Ventnor knows, however, how to roll a drunk.

Sissyl knows how to roll a Swiss

That is to say, Swissyl knows how to roll a Siss.

Pulg once rolled a cyst . . . once.

KG once coughed up a 25k gp diamond when the party needed it most.

It caused irreparable damage to their larynx and vocal cords.

Grand Lodge

GoatToucher was actually in possession of a 25000 gp diamond at the time, they just wanted to see how far KanyaGnorc would go to buy that magic sword.

JYAC has a 25,000 gp diamond tip.

Sovereign Court

It's customary to give Pulg a diamond tip whenever he serves you a fine 7 course meal.

The Big Bad Wolf is a master chef. In fact his gourmet pigs-in-blanket is the star of any high quality 7 course dining experience, not to be missed.

Scarab Sages

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Captain America never actually punched Hitler, but Grandpa Wonderbra really did beat Mussolini in a game of high-stakes strip poker - there weren't any comic-book artists there to capture the scene, though. Maybe that's for the best.

(Dammit IHIYC - I almost did a spit-take when I read that. Thanks for brightening my morning.)

IHIYC was there, however. And that is why they now hide in closets - to escape the horror of what they witnessed.

Grandpa does own the only existing print of a three-hour Leni Reifenstahl spectacular documenting the event, however.

Actually, one of only two. GoatToucher has the other, but his has been 'spoiled'

Oh, you couldn't spoil something like that. It's a feast for the senses! I know in my heart that it't only celluloid, but I swear you can smell Il Duce's dread as you watch!

Pulg's grandfather was a spy for the allies concurrent to the filming, and was in fact the mop used to clean up the scene... after.

Nine months later: Pulg's mother was born.

GoatToucher once traveled to R'Lyeh to see what it was like. Cthulhu woke up, saw who was invading his home, then promptly sank the whole city again.

Ventor has a ship that sails on moonlight. He mostly uses it to visit bars, pick up ambiguous-looking creatures, and get drunk.

rashly5 is the sole survivor of the ancient empire of Uthuttabul, which once covered the entirety of Gondwanaland.

Sissyl was Miss Lemuria 156450 BCE.

Yes. Despite Pulg trying to cheat and help that tramp bypass me. Don't think I have forgotten. :E

Sissyl's talent for that pageant was flensing .

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