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Silver Crusade

MilCon 2010 went great this year. We ran 16 table of Pathfinder over 2.5 days.
Thanks to all of the GM's: Bill, Randy, Jarred, Trey, Jordan, Brian, and Chris. You guys really made the Con!

Thanks especially to Tessa, who really set the interactive apart with her awesome rendition of Osprey (especially the wounded Osprey complete with makeup and blood!)

We had a full table of newbies who had never played Pathfinder before who came in Friday first slot and played together through Sunday. We gave out a total of 9 new Pathfinder numbers over the weekend.

We ran a total of 9 tables of 1-5 or 1-7 mods, 3 table of 5-9, and 1 table at 7-11 and 3 tables of the interactive (tier 1-2, tier 5-6, and tier 10-11).

I apologize for the confusion at times while I tried to organize both Pathfinder and other RPG games but I really feel that everyone had a great time.

One last thanks to everyone who showed up. You all made the Con the success that it was.

The Exchange 4/5

Does that table count include the two midnight madness rounds? I was honestly in shock when around 85% of the PFS players wanted to stay for midnight madness. That's when you know you're doing something right.

Thanks again for such a great time. I'll certainly be back next year.

Charles Bailey

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