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GT came in with his "toys". SWM kicked him out after 1 second in the house.

The next poster has a whirlybird.

...and you can't have it.

The next poster did fly on my whirlybird.

Scarab Sages

*rides by Daily Bugle offices, makes faces in J. Jonah Jameson's window*

The next poster was bitten by a radioactive snail.

That would explain the trail. I always thought it was... something else.

The next poster cleans up after me.

With a well placed acidic explosive, on the term you are still on the scene to be included in said blast.

The nxt person is a disaster tourist and enjoys the explosion that vaporizes GoatToucher :)

Sovereign Court

What can I say? I find everyone's pain funny but my own.

The next poster will have to figure out what I want them to do, on their own.

No I will not give you her home phone number or address. Now go back to your torturing.

The next poster also knows who she is.

I do, but doctor/patient confidentiality rules prevent me from giving out her name, the poor dear.

The next poster is in a league all their own.

Yup! I got -.091 thaggles in my last Blernsball game!

The next poster is the owner of a ring of bureaucratic wizardry.

I got +10 on my Touch Attack Rolls with Red Tape from the ring alone!

The next poster is still stuck in red tape, but likes it.

Oh yes. Especially the removing.

The next poster will now share one of his/her/its secret delights.

Indeed, you know, that riding crop is not just for show...I would happily demonstrate how well I can use it if any lovely young ladies need...intense education...

The next poster enjoys the sweet sting of the lash.

Whip it. Whip it good.

The next poster is not men. The next poster is DEVO . . .

Which stands for Definite Evil & Very Overpowered, and since i AM a devil, how appropriate.

The next poster has come up with a therapy for GoatTocher's victims.

My colaberator is Dr. Sigmund. We use a combination of electo-shock, hypnosis and brain surgery.

The next poster wants to be our first test subject.

I most assuredly do wish to be the first subject, I saw GT doing unspeakable things, and then he started using that horrible rump ointment of his...and....::sobs:: Please just make the memories go away..they even haunt my waking hours and I see him when I close my eyes!

The next poster please administer Dr. G House MD, DDS, DVM's prescribed GoatToucher victim therapy (patent pending)


Scarab Sages


Indeed, and regularly too. One can't often find an experienced or even willing partner, but one makes do.

The next poster is in The Box, and will tell us all about it.

"Hastur Hastur Hastur..." *While painting Yellow Sign.*

The Next Poster has spent the last five years of their life in the TVTropes Abyss.

I have yet to have my Crowning Moment of Awesome, despite taking a few levels of badass while being the Smart Guy/Bass Player is a 5-person band before I did a Face-Heel turn and became a Magnificent Bastard, as well as a Dragon. That is before my Death Equals Redemption, of course.

The next poster was my Heterosexual Life Partner for that journey....

(Enough TVTropes for ya?)

Liberty's Edge



Indeed, introducing the latest model was a fuss.

The next poster has worked as a security guard at the local nanny-con.

I had one job to do - keep GoatToucher out - and I goofed that up. I suck.

The next poster would like to give us a sample of their GoatToucher/Mary Poppins slash-fic.

Scarab Sages

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It's so good, they're turning it into a movie!

The next poster got really lost in the big city and somehow wound up inside Tim Burton's mind.

It's confirmed: there will never be another nightmare before Christmas.

The next poster has a dirty little secret that they share with goat-toucher.

GoatToucher, I would seem, as unlikely as it is, that you are my father. But I will never be like you, I will never join the Goatside!

The next poster (in keeping with theme) is my lost sister.

Silver Crusade

*Think Tickle Far Away Green Foot Then Rule Sky Together Koko And Foot*

*Give New Face Now Give Big Octopus Job*

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Sure, making a guest appearance as your local sushi chef for octopus delights sounds good.

The next poster is a fervent connoiseur of sushi.

Scarab Sages

*walks in covered from head to toe in tobiko* I'm sorry, what was everyone talking about?

The next poster is the casting director for the Tetris movie!

*Initiate protocol Nicholai*

Greetings comrades,

For promotion of glorious Russia, i now announce we will proceed with make movie of famous Tetris. Movie will be good, solid as brick.

The next poster is planning to make a coup at Apple.

Yes... It is foolproof! Tomorrow when they start up work, they will ALL be greeted with the windows startup jingle! MWAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!

The next poster has a suggestion for phase two, the one before "phase 3: profit!!!"

Sure, we sell them aspirines or anti-depressives.

The next poster has ben working as a corporate spy at Apple and will tell us if Sissyl's coup worked or not.

Well, there is a running little deuce coup that's driving through Apple HQ, causing havoc. So, that coup works, at least.

The next poster is actually an android-powered device. (not the Android OS, but is actually powered and controlled by an android)

That is negative.

The next person, and all others after that WILL be assimilated.

Resistance is futile.


Yes, we shall assimilate into and populate your mind. And yes, resistance is futile.

The nest poster hates me and the hatred pleases him/her.

Sovereign Court

I don't hate you because I'm crazy, I'm crazy because I hate you!

The next poster thinks that the world is a dull, boring place yet it is a stage and the people living on it are naught but their playthings.

Grand Lodge

And that's why I play Pathfinder cause it's more exciting.

The next poster was once convinced they had the power to converse with animals.

I do. I speak the language of "love".

The next poster is transcribing my Dictionary of "Love", complete with hand drawn illustrations.

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Yes, and I can now relate to what ol' Zonny boy went through to twist him like that.

The next poster drained SAN points FROM Cthulhu.

At first I was going to show him GoatToucher's dictionary but I decided that was just too cruel (plus there was no way I was going to touch that thing) so I just forced him to sit through three consecutive viewings of Battlefield Earth.

The next poster supplied the treats for the movie screening.

Spiced Apple Strudle for everyone who sat through it all.

The next poster wanted a freeby.


Yes but we will accept your hatred instead.

The next poster loves succubi grappling catfolk memes.

There's more than one way to pet a pussy.

The next poster has a thing for needles and skinny albinos.

Tattooed twink, they call them. The albinism is just for the exoticism and to make the ink really pop.

The next poster has something else that will really pop.

Paizo Charter Superscriber; Pathfinder Companion, Pathfinder Accessories Subscriber; Starfinder Superscriber

It's called popcorn. What did you think it was?

The next poster will reveal what they thought it was.

Sovereign Court

A balloon with too much air in it.

The next poster is going all the bottom with that old man stuff!

My lawn. Get off it!

The next poster avoids my lawn at all costs.

Maybe because it's not a lawn but a pasture where cattle graze and these are new shoes.

The next poster is responsible for caring for KahnyaGnorc's cattle.

Indeed. You can really taste the shame ans self loathing in the beef.

The next poster have just had a shame-steak and will tell us about the experience.

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