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*Warning: Some potential Spoilers.*

My group just managed to get through the sewers. We decided to call it quits before we really got into the roleplaying for the Church of Aroden, and save that for the beginning of our next game.

What I was wondering is what everyone here has done with the various NPCs in the Children of Westcrown? How did they introduce each NPC to the PCs, did you decide just to concentrate one NPC per PC, or all of them, or some other method? How much have you worked them into the adventure? Have any of you done any sub-plots with the Children? What uses have you found for them?

Any ideas or thoughts would be great.

I started off introducing them one at a time, introducing each PC to the NPC that favored their class. I briefly mentioned the others, and have them give suggestions every now and then, but for the most part I've focused on the "favored" NPCs. We've completed "The Sixfold Trial" now.

The tiefling rogue in the party took an immediate shine to Yakopulio, and the irreverent gnome shows up quite a bit. One of the other PCs is the son of a woman who runs a tavern, so there's a bit of rivalry between the gnome and his mother. When the party goes out drinking, they usually go to her tavern, the Bruised Eel, and even made use of her pimping services to distract Thesing from trying to seduce Calseinica with his elixir of love.

Another PC is a fighter/wizard going for eldritch knight, so I had Tarvi request his help in learning how to use magic. He happens to be a scion of the Leroung family as well, so Tarvi's parents are trying to fix the two of them up. Of course, Tarvi is against this, but the PC might pursue her with fun results--he hasn't decided yet.

We had one player whose PC was a cleric of Iomedae, but he moved away so we had his character go out in a blaze of glory, sacrificing himself to save Arael from a tiefling assassin. At his funeral, the halfling Fiosa took up his blade, even though it was too large for her, and pledged her life in service of Iomedae to honor the fallen hero's memory. Our new player's PC is a priest of Shelyn, and so he and Fiosa have many conversations over the natures of their faith and how best to do good in the city.

Besides those three primary NPCs, Ermolos, Larko, and Mathalen have played minor roles in roleplaying scenes, and everybody seems to like Janiven, so I've had Arael take a behind-the-scenes approach to running the Children, with Janiven acting as the front-man for the most part.

Silver Crusade

Thanks for the ideas. Considering one of my PC’s is also a noble scion, I was also considering doing the same thing you did with Tarvi.

I think it will probably be a good idea to try and link the Children NPCs to as many of the PCs as possible through backstory encounters and links. It would seem to me the more connections you can create, and the more you can make them attractive to the PCs the better.

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