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I received the following from Pathfinder Society SoCal:

Con-Dor XVI - A Science Fiction & Fantasy Convention
When: Feb 27th - Mar 1st, 2009
Where: The Handlery Hotel and Resort
950 Hotel Circle North
San Diego, CA 92108
Phone: (619) 298-0511
Main Web Site: http://www.condorcon....
(convention registrations, payment, and general information)
RPGA Schedule:
(RPGA gaming schedule and RPGA event registrations only)
Yahoo Group: http://games.groups.y...

Description: Con-Dor, San Diego's Longest Running Sci-Fi & Fantasy Convention, is proud to announce that we will once again offer a full schedule of RPGA games as part of our regular programming. This year the RPGA will be represented by a large suite of Living Forgotten Realms adventures representing all available levels of play, as well as by a special Convention Only adventure from DDXP, "Beyond the Door." In addition, we will also be offering a full slate of Pathfinder Society adventures this year. So, if you haven't tried it or if you want to catch up on missed adventures, ConDor is the place to go. Plus we'll have a Dungeon Delve going throughout the con if you just want to get a taste of D&D in between panels, the dealers room, the masquerade, and many other exciting events.

Bonus! As always we will have an Early Bird slot on Friday morning for those players who pre-register by Monday, February 16th. No walk-ins will be allowed to participate in this slot, as the slot actually starts before
on-site registration is open.

Pre-Reg (ends Monday, February 16th) - $45
At the door - $50
Kids 13 - 17 years old - $20
Kids 12 and under, in tow - Free with Paying Adult

When registering, please indicate your interest in the "RPGA."

The Handlery Hotel and Resort
Room rates:
Single/Double is $114.00
Triple is $119.00
Quad is $124.00
Reservations - (800) 843-4343 use promotional code "ConDor"

Gaming Hours:
* Friday, Feb 27th, 9AM-Midnight
* Saturday, Feb 28th, 9AM-Midnight
* Sunday, March 1st, 9AM-6PM

Living Forgotten Realms:
ADAP1-1 Barrow of the Ogre King
ADAP1-5 Menace of the Icy Spire
AGLA1-1 Lost Temple of the Fey Gods
AGLA1-2 At the Foot of the Lighthouse
AKAN1-2 The Depths of Airspur
BALD1-1 Flames of Initiation
BALD1-2 The Night I Called the Undead Out
CORM1-1 The Black Knight of Arabel
CORM1-3 Head Above Water
DALE1-1 The Prospect
DRAG1-2 The Thin Gray Line
IMPI1-3 Lost Souls
LURU1-1 Slivers of Eaerlann
LURU1-2 The Gibbous Moon
MOON1-1 Nature's Wrath
MOON1-2 The Sea Drake
MOON1-3 Black Gold
SPEC1-1 Shades of the Zhentarim
SPEC1-2 Zhent's Ancient Shadows
TYMA1-1 Elder Wisdom
TYMA1-2 Taking Stock of the Situation
TYMA1-3 Tools of the Trade
WATE1-1 Heirloom
WATE1-2 Dark Secrets of Downshadow

Stand Alone Convention Special:
Beyond the Door (18th level characters)

Pathfinder Society:
PSS-01 Silent Tide
PSS-02 The Hydra's Fang Incident
PSS-03 Murder on the Silken Caravan
PSS-04 The Frozen Fingers of Midnight
PSS-05 Mists of Mwangi
PSS-06 Black Waters
PSS-07 Among the Living
PSS-08 Slave Pits of Absalom
PSS-09 Eye of the Crocodile King
PSS-10 Blood at Dralkard Manor
PSS-11 The Third Riddle
PSS-12 Stay of Execution

A full schedule of games is available on the web site:
Pre-registration for games is available to paid attendees only.

For all general information, including information on how to pre-register for the con (and how to get in on the Early Bird slot!), prices, hotels and all your other needs, go to http://www.condorcon.....

In addition to Gaming, there will be many Panel Discussions, an Art Show & Auction, Concerts, Dancing, Filking, a Masquerade, a Con Suite full of free goodies for when you get the munchies, a Dealer's Room, a Film Room, and
other neat stuff all designed to appeal to sci-fi and fantasy fandom. Our Guests of Honor this year will be Todd McCaffrey and our 2009 MEDIA Special Guest is Amber Benson (Friday Only)!

For RPGA and Pathfinder Society related questions you can contact gaming coordinator Tom Kee directly at (tfkee at cox dot net).

Scarab Sages

Glad to see this Con still around... it's been many years since I last went.

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