Nine Slots of PFS @ BASHCon in Toledo

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The Exchange 5/5

BASHCon, Toledo, OH Feb 20 - 22
University of Toledo Student Union

I'm offering nine slots of Pathfinder for anyone who's looking for it, #1 through #14 will all be offered (projected anyway--I expect they'll be released on schedule). I cut the slots to three hours because I have yet to run longer than that, which allows me to offer five slots on Saturday alone. In fact, I've arranged #10 - #14 for Saturday so if you are a GM who hates to eat stuff for your players, hold em off until February and come get yours first!

BASHCon main registration is not open yet, but should be soon. Point your browser to:
BASHCon Main Page

I'm using Warhorn to manage the PFS schedule and sign-up. You can view it right now, in fact. Keep in mind that signing up on Warhorn does NOT register you for the convention, you still need to go through the BASHCon website for that. All Warhorn does is let you see the schedule and build tables.
Warhorn Registration Page

RPG Superstar 2008 Top 32

All signed up...can't wait.


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