NYC Gameday starting 9-17

Local Play

The Exchange 2/5

On Wednesday we will kicking off the Neutral Ground weekly gameday.

We currently have 7 players and are looking for 3-5 more.

If you are interested please go to:

and sign up.

The cost is $3 with $5 of the total going to the judge in store credit



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I just read on the NG messageboards that this week's PFS games are canceled because NG will be closed.
I have a dedicated D&D apartment on the upper west side of Manhattan. I would like to offer to host this week's PFS game.
There is a catch. I'm looking to play in scenario #4 this week so I can DM that same scenario next weekend for some friends of mine in New Hampshire.
So how 'bout it? A nice clean, quiet gaming room to play PFS scenario #4-"Frozen Fingers of Midnight" on Wednesday night? I'll even throw in free soda! =:o
All we need are three to five more players and a DM. Any takers?

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