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Bring all of your worlds together

Neverwhen puts the players in the role of brave adventures that can travel throughout the infinite realms seeking fame and glory, Worlds that mix magic with technology allowing characters to explore any world you can imagination. Neverwhen is designed to allow gamemasters and players to combine any of their favorite genres into a campaign. This book is more than a toolkit it includes a rich history and storyline that can be incorporated into any campaign.

Tie your various campaigns together with a companion that allows you to bring your swords and sorcery together with Sci-Fi. Explore Post-Apocalyptic worlds and places where science and magic meet. Go wherever your imagination takes you. Journey through the gates of Manzala and the universe of Neverwhen.

Go wherever your imagination takes you

The Neverwhen rulebook includes:

  • Exciting new classes such as the Techno-Mage and Trans-Dimensional Magi.
  • Complete rules for playing interesting new races like the dragon-like hylathans and astute techno organic construct.
  • Enhanced combat system that includes rules for automatic weapons, explosives and vehicular combat.
  • New skills and feats for the new classes the stoic Tribal warrior or the battle hardened Soldier
  • New and revised creatures that travel through the realms.
  • All compatible with Paizo's Pathfinder Second Edition.
  • ... and much, much more!

Welcome to the many worlds of Neverwhen!

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