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This is a paper miniature collection of all the creatures found in Creature Monthly #1.

CreatureDaily.com was created by the masterminds of Fat Goblin Games and Wolfgang Baur’s Open Design to bring a wealth of fantastical creatures for your gaming needs. Each month presents a different theme, genre, or subject that all the creatures will have in common, along with a sliding CR scale presenting a progressive increase in difficulty through out the month.

In this collection you will find paper miniatures for all the creatures found in Creature Monthly #1:

  • Blood Shadow
  • Boglin
  • Frost Hag
  • Glacial Gaunt
  • Goblin Naga
  • Great Yeti
  • Hoarfrost Hound
  • Hoarfrost Ram
  • Horned Bear
  • Icewisp
  • Ighalan
  • Iron Swarm Golem
  • Lightning Treant
  • Nysrogha
  • Rat Ogre
  • Stone Goblin
  • Storm Angel
  • Storm Phoenix
  • Storm Wraith
  • Winter Wight

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