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Age of Worms Overload, a 29-page compendium of information that will help you run the new Age of Worms Adventure Path, has been uploaded to You can download the absolutely free PDF document using the links below.

Age of Worms overload contains a complete campaign outline spotlighting the core plot of all twelve adventures in the series, dozens of stat blocks for the denizens of Diamond Lake, the corrupt mining town in which the campaign begins, and information on the hinterlands surrounding Diamond Lake. The file also includes extensive notes for adapting the Age of Worms to Eberron (by setting creator Keith Baker) and the Forgotten Realms (by noted Realms scholar and author Eric L. Boyd). I couldn’t resist adding a short appendix for DMs using the Age of Worms in the World of Greyhawk, too. Several concept sketches by John Gallagher round out the package.

We’d originally hoped to include all of this stuff in the magazine, but there just wasn’t enough room. Instead, we decided to do the next best thing: Give it out for free on the internet.

I hope you enjoy reading Age of Worms Overload as much as we enjoyed putting it together. If you have any questions or comments, please join our messageboard discussions.

Age of Worms Overload (3.2 MB PDF)
Age of Worms Overload (2.8 MB .zip file)

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