The Sword and Board

1193 Bloor St West
Toronto, Ontario M6H 1N4

647 - 350 - PLAY (7529)

11 - 10 Mondays through Fridays.
11 - 7 Saturday
11 - 6 Sunday

We are a group of lifelong gamers and hobbyists from all edges of the gaming world who have banded together to create a space for not only current gamers, but to show the next generation of gamers how enjoyable this pastime can be. We are avid collectors and enthusiasts of board games, RPG's, CCG's, and miniature war-gaming.

Whether you are picking up your first set of dice, or are finding the finishing pieces to a tournament-worthy deck or army, we are there for you.

The Sword & Board is for everyone! Come on down, browse the store and check out our free gaming space. All kids and adults are welcome here (arguably adults are just big kids!). Whatever your age, you are a part of the community that we want to grow and foster.

This opportunity is a dream come true, and we can't wait for you to be a part of it.

It's your turn.

The Sword and Board

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