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Pirate Plunder and Seafaring Swag!

The Treasury of the Fleet collects an assortment of lavish loot for your pirate PCs to plunder! Ideally suited to any campaign involving sailors on the seven seas, this collection includes a broad array of item types, from low-cost consumables to mighty treasures worthy of a pirate lord! You'll find magic items for every level, from the earring of farseeing and sea lord's tricorne to the shadow sextant and rod of the ebb tide. Get magical arms and armor like the bullet buckler and cannonball breastplate and the captain's cutlass and hurricane harpoon, plus magical firearms like the sharpshooter's carabine, whispering wheellock, and golden gun! Plus, if you're equipping your own ship, fly the ensign of parley or run out the spiral saker to bring doom to your enemies as you seek for the mighty Pirate Queen's Pearl! Your PCs will love following the clues of their treasure map when X marks the spot they can find some of the fantastic delights you'll find within the Treasury of the Fleet! Grab this 20-page collection of Pathfinder Second Edition magic items today and Make Your Game Legendary!

This product is the latest our line of Pathfinder 2E themed magic item books like the Treasury of Winter, Treasury of the City, Treasury of the Crusade, Treasury of the Macabre, and Treasury of the Pharaohs!

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Hey! My Pirate Queen's Pearl emerges once more! Too cool!

I wonder how they've statted it out for 2e?


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