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Dead in Space is a series of one-shot space horror modules designed for use with the Starfinder Roleplaying Game. Each adventure is designed for varying character levels to negotiate, all encounters include 3 difficulty levels designed for specific party levels. Full color maps and deck plans are included in the product, and as add-on downloads for both printable and virtual tabletop ready use.

Over the last four decades, Anomaly Investments has fired millions of deep space probes into colonized space and beyond. The probes were programmed to land on unclaimed planets, moons and ateroids; once there they would gather information, take scans and samples, and send all the detail Anomaly needed to identify new investment opportunities. Two weeks ago, a probe sent Anomaly images of the Scoundrel, a ship lost in space over 35 years ago. There are thousands of ghost stories told about colonized space, the Scoundrel features in several.

A mining company, FiveCorp, lost contact with two supply ships and a mining operation on an asteroid the ships were heading towards. Over 1200 people - humans and enfaddin - were never heard from again. Fragmented accounts, hearsay and garbled communications never satisfactorily explained what happened to them. Rumors of the sightings of the ship or the asteroid have always been hoaxes. The images from the probe are the first real clues in those 35 years.

Anomaly would like to know...

What's included:

  • An introduction to the Cronusverse
  • Five adventures that can be played separately or as a longer connected adventure
  • Five starship deck plans and planetary station playable maps
  • New themes, playable races and playable characters
  • New weapons, technology and NPCs of varying levels
  • Excerpts from Deepwell's Database of Documented Dangers which catalouges rogue robots, alien threats, artificial intelligences, and tons of technological traps

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