Pathfinder Adventure Path: Curse of the Crimson Throne (PFRPG)

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Pathfinder Adventure Path: Curse of the Crimson Throne (PFRPG)
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A Campaign Fit For a Queen

The kings and queens of Korvosa have long ruled under the shadow of the Curse of the Crimson Throne—an infamous superstition claiming that no monarch of the city of Korvosa shall ever die of old age or produce an heir. Whether or not there is any truth to the legend of the curse, Korvosa's current king is but the latest victim to succumb to this foul legacy. Now, the metropolis teeters on the edge of anarchy, and it falls to a band of new heroes to save Korvosa from the greatest threat it has ever known! This hardcover compilation updates the fan-favorite campaign for use with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, including new and revised content and nearly 500 pages packed with mayhem, excitement, and adventure!

This hardcover edition of Curse of the Crimson Throne contains:

  • All six chapters of the original Adventure Path, expanded and updated for use with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.
  • An in-depth gazetteer of the city of Korvosa as it exists under the rule of its new queen.
  • An array of new rules options for characters, ranging from campaign traits to spells to magic items.
  • An expansive appendix with statistics, descriptions, backgrounds, and rules support for the 12 most important NPCs in the campaign.
  • A bestiary featuring nine monsters from the original Adventure Path making their debut under the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game rules.
  • Dozens of new illustrations, never-before-seen characters, location maps, extensive new encounter locations, and more!

ISBN-13: 978-1-60125-890-8

Pathfinder Society Roleplaying Guild Sanctioned Content
Curse of the Crimson Throne is sanctioned for use in Pathfinder Society Roleplaying Guild.

Download the rules for running this Adventure Path and Chronicle sheets — (681 kb zip/PDF)

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***** (based on 4 ratings)

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Good value, but some reservations

****( )

Short Version: A smart buy but held back by structural issues.

It's hard to get better adventure value for your dollar than this or the Rise of the Runelords collected edition. If I were reviewing on that alone, this would be 5 stars and then some. But there's more to an adventure than that.

The AP's hook is quite good, but almost immediately discarded in favor of saving the city. This can be helped a good session 0, but still feels artificial.

Even looking at the new plot, many elements feel shoehorned in. People point to volumes 4 and 5 for this, but there are sections in 2 that exist only to kill time as the plot advances and an entire dungeon in 3 that is cool but can seem forced if the players don't kick in the door right away. Any of these alone would be fine, but each makes the next more obvious.

That being said, there's a lot of cool stuff going on here, it just takes at least a star's worth of work to stitch it together.

3.5 vs. Pathfinder comparison!


I´m gonna list the differences between the original AP#7s chapters and it´s adaption into the hardcover edition:

Inside front cover:
The "Korvosan Hierarchy" overview is not reprinted.
Part 1:
The illustration on page 6 is exchanged for a cartoony new one on page 12 of the HC.
Page 10 of AP#7 has a map where the 8 locations in Korvosa that are important for book 1 are marked and named. This map is reprinted on page 400 of the HC but that one shows ALL important locations of the campaign at once, marked with letters and numbers.
"Lamm´s Lambs" stats are upgraded to young human on page 18 of the HC.
"Yargin Balko" now has a full body illustration instead of an upper body one. "Hookshanks Gruller" gets a full body illustration. "Giggles" gets a fbi. "Gaedren Lamm" gets a fbi.
Part 2:
King Eodred Arabasti gets a head illu. "Imps and Dragons" gets an illustration. "Meet the mob" gets a "Amin Jalento" head illu and his battle stats.
Part 3:
The illustration of "Sabina Merrin" on page 25 is not reprinted (she gets a new one on page 455).
Part 4:
"Cressida Croft" gets a head illu (and fbi on page 443). The Queens gets a new veiled head illu (the old one is more mysterious). The "renegade guards" stats in "All the Worlds Meat" get new stats. "Verik Vancasterkin" is upgraded from fighter 3 to fighter 4.
Part 5:
The "Ambassadors Secret" gets a new head illu. The fbi of "Vencarlo Orisini" from page 34 is not reprinted. The fbi of "Devargo Barvasi" on page 37 is replaced with a new one that is very much less impressive. He is upgraded from rogue 4 to rogue 5. "Majenko" is changed from pseudodragon to house drake. The illustration on page 41 is replaced with a new one (page 57). Both are equally creepy.
Part 6:
The "Trinia Sabor" fbi from page 43 is not reprinted (she gets a new look on page 460, but the old one is flashier). She is upgraded from bard 4 to bard 5. "The Shingle Chase" gets a better illustration. Curiously it features the old flashier Trinia Sabor outfit instead of the new.
Part 7:
The Owlbear skeleton gets gorgeous art on page 59 of the HC. The cool illustration on page 52 is replaced by a cool new one on HC page 61.
Cabbagehead´s head illu is replaced by a fbi. The "Gaekhen" head illu is not reprinted. "Vreeg" gets a much better new fbi.
Concluding the adventure:
The famous "green dress Illeosa Arabasti" illustration from page 56 (on which the first miniature is based) is NOT reprinted!
The Blackjack illustration from page 57 is replaced by a much better one on HC page 67.
The 4 page Harrow article is updated to a 14 page one!
The 8 page "people of the road" article about varisians is not reprinted.
The 6 page Pathfinder´s journal is not reprinted.
The illustration of the "Dream Spider", the only creature that hasn´t been adapted to a Bestiary yet, is not reprinted from page 82 but it´s stats are.
Inside back cover:
The "Korvosas enemies" overview is not reprinted.

While the new edition HC is better overall and everything needed for playing the campaign is included, updated and streamlined, quite a few cool things are left out.
I´m glad i got the original AP #7 too.

Even better than the original


Read my full review at Of Dice and Pen.

It was perhaps inevitable that Curse of the Crimson Throne would one day also receive a similar treatment to Rise of the Runelords. There’s no special anniversary to celebrate this year, but does there really need to be? Much like its Runelords predecessor, the new hardcover compilation of Crimson Throne updates the adventure path to Pathfinder rules and also expands on the story where beneficial and streamlines in other areas. It also takes advantage of the most recent rules supplements, making use of newer monsters, classes, and feats where appropriate.

At nearly 500 pages in length, it is actually a substantially larger tome than the hardcover Runelords (a good 50 pages or so longer), and its extra length is certainly put to good use. Indeed, it manages to make one of the best adventure paths even better.

The Best Just Got Bester!


Ahoy hoy everyone!

Welcome to the officially official first review of Captain Yesterday's not so official reviews of everything and life... or is that too cumbersome... how about an acronym... The O.O.F.R.O.C.Y.N.S.O.R.O.E.A.L... that will have to do for now.

Now that I've milked how many words on that, let me say without a doubt this is one beautiful book, and hefty too! With upwards of 480 pages you really get your money's worth.

This might take awhile so I'll most likely come back and edit and update, so stay tuned!

The campaign traits - this is one of my favorite parts of the book, while there are only six traits, each one has two different options, they do an excellent job at both getting your party to really hate Gaedren Lamm, they also do an exceptional job at giving the player's a glimpse of Korvosa. So five stars!

Alright, gotta go for now! But I'll be back soon!

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Brother Fen wrote:
You two trying to gainsay everything is really weak. Who cares?

It’s an interesting discussion (although maybe not right to be in a product discussion forum).

One thing I haven’t seen cited here is Vic’s previous comment that they know these reprints will be profitable - there is no concern about profitability keeping them from collecting APs. Therefore, how rapidly they sell out isn’t actually a relevant statistic. Paizo printed this fully expecting it would sell out and they know they’d sell out a kingmaker AP collection also. It would only really factor into their decisions if a compilation failed to sell strongly.

Paizo Employee Creative Director

4 people marked this as a favorite.

A product does not have to sell out to be considered a success.

2 people marked this as a favorite.
James Jacobs wrote:
A product does not have to sell out to be considered a success.

Whether this one did or not, I consider it a success. Glorious book and very well done.

Is their a chance that this book maybe reveive a reprint in the future?

The Thing From Another World wrote:
Is their a chance that this book maybe reveive a reprint in the future?

Pssst. Paizo has copies of the limited edition hardcover in stock. Better act fast!

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