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"Event Horizon" is a 60-page first-level adventure for Barrel Rider Games’ White Star: White Box Science Fiction Roleplaying.

This adventure takes place in a hard science/space horror genre and, as such, the adventure assumes that the players are playing human characters who would fit into this style of setting. While a low-level adventure, "Event Horizon" is not an easy adventure and is designed to be difficult. Death is probable, insanity even more so.

The players face a wide variety of problems in this adventure, ranging from the mundane—typical combat encounters, repairing the ship, etc.—to dealing with the insanity-causing rifts in time and space, and confronting old personal horrors and memories. Due to the limits placed on the players, and in keeping the adventure human- and hard horror/science-centric, a few new options have been added to the available rules and are strongly, but optionally, encouraged.

Original Concept: John Reyst
Adventure Design: Johua De Santo
Layout: Johua De Santo
Editing: Tim Snider
Cartography: Tim Hartin

White Star is a trademark of James M. Spahn and is used with permission under the White Star Compatibility Licence.

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Woot! Our first White Star adventure, written by Johua De Santo, based on my original idea!

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