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Scale, Fang, and Claw

Cannibals in the swamp, lizardfolk are considered by many to be heartless savages and mindless brutes. Now you can go beyond that stereotype—or embrace it—like never before. Join this ancient race and bring a new kind of strength to your character.

Book of Heroic Races: Advanced Lizardfolk is the essential guide for playing a lizardfolk character. This 24-page supplement features:

  • Racial Traits to play a lizardfolk, 7 alternate racial traits and 5 new character traits to customize your character for this unique play experience
  • 8 New Character Class Options including the tribal defender archetype, the cannibal bloodrager bloodline, the anointed one prestige class, and 3 new subdomains
  • 18 New Feats including several expanding upon draconic heritage
  • 3 New Magic Items and a New Spell
  • 2 New Deities, each with a unique perspective on power and community for these tribal people
  • Details on lizardfolk adventurers as well as suggestions on how to incorporate this race into your world.
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President, Jon Brazer Enterprises

Now available at

Editor, Jon Brazer Enterprises

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President, Jon Brazer Enterprises

The first preview of Book of Heroic Races: Advanced Lizardfolk is up at Check it out.

President, Jon Brazer Enterprises

Earlier this week we showed off the racial abilities for the lizardfolk race. Now we are sharing with you the tribal defender, a lizardfolk fighter archetype. Read all about it and download Advanced Lizardfolk from Paizo today.

Jon Brazer Enterprises

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Hey Lizardfolk fans, we have a new shifter aspect to show off for you over at

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