Pathfinder Tales: Liar's Blade

4.80/5 (based on 20 ratings)
Pathfinder Tales: Liar's Blade
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Bastard and Sword

With strength, wit, rakish charm, and a talking sword named Hrym, Rodrick has all the makings of a classic hero—except for the conscience. Instead, he and Hrym live a high life as scoundrels, pulling cons and parting the weak from their gold. When a mysterious woman invites them along on a quest into the frozen north in pursuit of a legendary artifact, it seems like a prime opportunity to make some easy coin—especially if there’s a chance for a double-cross. Along with a hooded priest and a half-elven tracker, the team sets forth into a land of monsters, bandits, and ancient magic. As the miles wear on, however, Rodrick’s companions begin acting steadily stranger, leading both man and sword to wonder what exactly they’ve gotten themselves into...

From Hugo Award-winner Tim Pratt, author of City of the Fallen Sky, comes a bold new tale of ice, magic, and questionable morality set in the award-winning world of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.

400-page mass market paperback
ISBN–13: 978-1-60125-515-0
ePub ISBN-13: 978-1-60125-516-7

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Liar's Blade is sanctioned for use in Pathfinder Society Organized Play. Its Chronicle sheet is available as a free download (397 KB zip/PDF).

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Average product rating:

4.80/5 (based on 20 ratings)

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Not many novels have kept me up late into the night, with the addictive need to know what is going to happen next.

Liar's Blade keeps the reader engaged and fully invested in its characters. Well worth a few sleepless nights.

My favourite Tale so far (sorry, Death's Heretic)


Liar's Blade main strengths are dialogue and character. Roderick and Hrym's (how do you pronounce that, anyway?) banter makes for a fast, engaging "buddy-movie" fantasy story, where if you had told me it was written by Joss Whedon I wouldn't have called you a liar.

The thing that makes it truly stand out amongst fantasy novels, though, is a protagonist (and his wielder) who thinks like a gamer.

Sure, he's a loveable, rougish anti-hero, but he's also always looking for the next twist along with the reader, and you never feel like he's holding the idiot ball for the sake of the plot.

For everyone who's ever listened to a room full of players trying to out-guess the adventure, and wondered why the characters in most books, TV and movies don't, this book's for you.

One of the best surprises of the series


Alright, finished this up and I enjoyed it quite a lot. I think I'm joining with the others in saying that the Pathfinder Tales line needs less anti-heroes and more real heroes... but at least this time it was one heck of an anti-hero.

Also: Have no doubt, the banter is the main attraction of this book, and it is wonderful.

You can also tell that Tim Pratt knew gamers were going to read this book. The main character isn't so dumb as to fall for the obvious tricks, and makes plans and plots like way too many players would. It was honestly refreshing to knot really know what to expect or to have my expectations turned against me... but in a good way not a 'Got-cha' way!

Also, best part of the book is Magnos the Ash Lord shows up. Trust me.



I just finished reading this a few days ago and was very impressed. This is an exciting romp with fantastic dialogue, great visuals, and a classic plot that still keeps you guessing.

Bravo to Tim for taking up the challenge of living up to Fritz Leiber's legacy, and a far more immersive effort than City of the Fallen Sky. Like the best of murder mysteries, nothing is hidden from the reader and the clues are there but you still can't be sure what is going on until the very very end.

Darned Lovable Scoundrels


So like many readers of the Tales line I had become sceptical of scoundrels. The tales line is replete with them, one more was likely to bother me.
But Tim Pratt writes a screwball buddy comedy road trip filled with a cast of weird and wonderful characters. I genuinely sympathised with the protagonists and was guessing at the big reveal. I honestly couldn't put it down.

There were some filler encounters, and wasted opportunities considering the geography involved but overall it was a great journey through the River Kingdoms and Brevoy.

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Grand Lodge

Pathfinder Adventure, Lost Omens, Pawns, Rulebook Subscriber

Earned this as a GM boon at Comicpalooza, finished it today after starting it yesterday. Might actually start picking these up, even get a subscription when I have a permanent address again.

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