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Jonathan Roberts cartographer for Kobold Quarterly, The Breaking of Forstor Nagar, and Adventures in the Hyborian Age, presents another Fantastic Map: "Over The Rooftops."

This multi-page PDF allows you to print out the battlemap at a 1 square=1 inch scale as a letter-format or A4 map and is also available in a printer-friendly light grayscale version. High-Resolution JPEGs of the maps with and without grids, along with individual images for the barricades, ladders, lightning ballista, target areas, and wagons. The file also contains a MapTool file set up for quick use in a 4E, PFRPG, or any OGL game. The MapTool file requires MapTool 1.3b86 or newer to work.

Created as part of The Breaking of Forstor Nagar (PFRPG).

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3.00/5 (based on 1 rating)

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Alternate color-scheme would have helped


The latest installment of Jonathan Robert's Fantastic Maps series comes as a 75-page pdf, containing 1 page front cover and 1 page editorial/how to use, leaving 73 pages of content.

First, we get a one-page overview of the map, complete with grids. 36 pages are devoted to each of the 2 blown-up versions of the map that can be used with miniatures. Both blown-up version, i.e. the full-color and b/w-one come with grids to facilitate placing the miniatures.

Following the tradition of the line, we also get a lot of additional content: 3 high-res jpegs, one with items and grid, one without grid and one without items and grid. Additionally we get 5 pngs, one of which is a indicator for target areas, a maptool file of the map as well as an alternate 63-page version of the pdf for the DINA4-format, ensuring that Europeans also get to enjoy the quality of this map.

The pdfs all come with bookmarks, thus facilitating the use of the maps. The map itself is GORGEOUS, as we've come to expect of Jonathan Robert's quality work. HOWEVER, there is something I feel I need to address and it pains me to do so. Usability of this map is rather limited. This map originally appeared in Ben McFarland's stellar Breaking of Forstor Nagar, which is set in a city built into a glacier and subsequently, all the buildings are a shade of blue in the color-version. Unfortunately, no alternate color-scheme has been provided and thus the blue buildings might irk some people. While I still consider the map to be stellar and would recommend it to run Breaking of Forstor Nagar, I also feel that an alternate color-scheme would have gone a long way to endear this map to the public. My final verdict has to take these concerns into account and thus is 3 stars. UNLESS you want to use it for BoFN or a similar blue-tinged city, in which case you should consider this 5 stars.

Endzeitgeist out.

Thanks Liz for getting this up!

Thanks liz

Reviewed here, on DTRPG and sent to GMS magazine. Cheers!

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