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No two fantasy gods manifest the same, so why should their clerics channel energy the same way?

With The Secrets of Divine Channeling at your fingertips, they don’t have to! This follow-up to the best selling The Secrets of Martial Mastery is written by Jonathan McAnulty (Coliseum Morpheuon, Ecology of the Froghemoth) bringing you new channeling effects for every domain you can imagine and a few you’ve probably forgotten.

Check out the Divine Channeler, a base class option focused on mastering the pure, unfiltered energy of the gods. Consider the eight new feats to give your divine caster more options when channeling, like Channeled Blast, Enlarged Channeling and Maximized Channeling. Revel in the new rules for Domain Channeling, detailing sensory, major, minor and combat effects for over 30 different domains.

Give your divine casters more detail. Give your divine casters something to set them apart. Give them The Secrets of Divine Channeling and watch them shine like you’ve never seen them before!

Author: Jonathan McAnulty
Artists: Joe Calkins, Shaman Stock Art
Page Count: 31 (36)

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4.80/5 (based on 4 ratings)

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Make your clerics more unique to their gods and focus on domains


This product is 36 pages long, 1 page front cover, 1 page editorial, 1 page back cover, 1 page advertisement and 1 page SRD, leaving 31 pages of content.

In the fine tradition of Rite Publishing, the book starts with an aptly written in-character introduction to the ideas presented herein. The introduction and first chapter take up 5 pages and feature a new trait for minor channeling. The idea of channeling is presented in two ways: On the one hand, clerics can choose the trait to gain access to minor channeling abilities or they could take two feats to get up to 6 new things they can do in combat via channeling their divine energy, which is domain-specific.
However, if that is not enough for you and you want to go all out, you can also play the divine channeler, a new base class. He has d8, 4+Int skills, medium BAB, good fort and will saves as well as some massive channeling abilities – to trade this off, his spell-selection is more limited than the cleric’s and he can’t cast as many spells per day.
The next chapter, feats, takes up 2 pages and features the aforementioned feats for the cleric. I liked the 8 feats, none seemed over-powered or under-whelming.
The bulk of the book (24 pages), though, is taken up by the domains and their respective channeling abilities. Each Doamin features a sensorial image, i.e. how the channeling of the divine energy manifests itself, which I found quite cool, a minor channeling effect, a combat domain channeling effect and two major channeling effects.
I’m going to give you an example on what to expect and, due to being so cheerful, I choose the Madness domain!
Sensorial Image: Purple and scarlet energies, swirling air currents, and a faint stale, musty odor.

Minor Channeling Effect: Imbecile’s Tongue makes it impossible for the victim to communicate.

Combat Channeling Effect: Breath of Madness boosts the combat capabilities of the targets for WIS-damage and could be used offensively and defensively.

Major Channeling Effect I: Wave of Confusion – mass confusion.

Major Channeling Effect II: Madman’s Screech damages opponents and causes WIS-damage to boot.

Editing and formatting is top-notch, as I’ve come to expect from Rite Publishing. The interior art is ok, although nothing to write home about.


When I first read this book, I have to admit that I didn’t get the hype around it. Yes, it is a fair book, but I just didn’t immediately jump up from my chair, wanting to implement this, possibly because the book is necessarily campaign-setting neutral. I let the idea gestate for about a week. And gradually, subtly, I started to realize what the content in this book does – It makes it possible to customize THE HELL out of any cleric and offers a variant (un)holy-man-class that is closer to the aspects of his deity than the cleric in some regards, without unbalancing the game. The abilities are cool and should help just about any divine caster to greatly diversify the options he has while providing an entertaining alternative to the cleric. Best of all, channeling makes individual divine casters of different gods much more unique and diversified and should be considered a boon to DMs and players alike, especially those who don’t want to build another “evil cleric” that swats around the same spells as all the other evil clerics. The sensorial images, while being short paragraphs, add A LOT of flavor to the different domains. Sooo…what would I have liked to see that wasn’t there? Well, even more domains. And campaign-setting specific domains with more fluff. And PrCs for the divine channeler. That’s a good sign and I sincerely hope that Rite Publishing expands on this great concept in e.g. their Questhaven project and put out a “Secrets of Divine Channeling II” one of these days. It’s a subtle, humble book, but it will enrich your gaming, I guarantee it.
My final verdict is 5 stars.

Takes domains and clerics in a new direction.


My review wouldn't fit. For the full review see forum post.

Divine Channeling - a simple idea becomes a fun and interesting character clas


With Rite Publishing’s The Secret of Divine Channeling we have a completely new divine class, which is similar to a cleric in many ways, but divergent enough to justify a great publication. The Divine Channeler class is focused more on channeling divine energy than they are on casting divine spells, and as such they’ve received a host of new channeling abilities to go along with the Clerical domains.

Since they are so focused on their domains, they gain most of their spell compliment in the form of domain spells, and cast far fewer spells from the divine casting list.

Divine channelers enjoy new channeling abilities afforded to them by their domains, of which they can choose two. Each domain has several effects that can be accessed as the Divine Channeler gains levels.

These abilities start with Minor Channeling, small effects tied in to their domains that they can employ by channeling energy. Such things as gusts of wind, increased speed or what have you.

Then there are Combat Channeling effects. They are used in combat to heal or cause damage – with each domain offering different effects.

Lastly there are Major Channeling effects. Accessed at fifth level through a new feat called Major Domain Channeling, these are more impressive effects tied in with each domain.

In addition to the effects that go along with channeling in this new class, Divine Channelers also receive Turn Undead as a bonus feat at level 1, additional extra channeling at levels 7, 13 and 15 and at 20th level as their capstone ability, they become Energy Masters. This allows them to gain immunity to channeling effects and also shield others around them. Seven new feats have been added, dealing of course with Channeling. There is also an extensive list of new effects tied in to each domain.

Additionally, Clerics can gain some of these effects through the use of a new trait (Minor Channeler) and the second is the Sensorial Imagery – flavor built into this class which describes how the various channeling effects manifest themselves to the senses.

The concept behind this character is actually quite simple and the character class itself excels for that, looking to be eminently workable into a new or existing campaign. Treat them much like Clerics that take a wider view on how to channel energy and you’ll enjoy the experience. 5 out of 5 stars.

Very interesting idea


The PDF is 36 pages long.
This consists of Adverts (2 pages), cover (1 page), Title page (1 page), Introductory story and introcudtion (1 page), OGL (1 page) and 30 pages of content.
The content consists of a new class (Divine Channeller, 3 pages) and advice on how to use these with existing chanelers such as Clerics (1 page), 8 new feats lreating to channel energy (2 pages) and the remaining 24 pages are a new mechanic combining domains and channel energy for using channel energy for new effects.

This is an awesome idea. It makes channel energy mroe than just heal/harm and gives a lot of diversity to a central Cleric feature making them more customisable.

The presentation is clear, the effects do not seem over-powered (although I haven't had a chance to play with them yet) and there is a lot of variety within each domain.

The Divine Channeller itself is a cometent class, but I have some problems with it, mostly with the inconsistent progression of the Channel Energy. Also , for a class ostensibly devoted to Channel, it doesn't actually end up with much more powerful channels than a Cleric (although you will end up with a lot more channels). This might have been better as a Cleric variant rather than a whole new class.

I'd like to give it 4.5 stars as the flaws aren't that major, but sadly that's not possible.

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BigDTBone wrote:
Rite Publishing wrote:
Craig Bonham 141 wrote:

Wow, that is awesome you all are creating so much. Good luck with all that. I was just writing about something I would like to see and purchase. But I realize just because I want something doesn't mean that there is enough of a market out there for that item to be created.

Well, thanks for what you have created so far.

Don't let what I post get you down, what I need to here from is more people who want stuff for the Divine Channeler. So that it makes me go, hey all these people want this, I should make it.

So don't give up on beating your drum :)



Subdomain Channeling Please :D

Joins the percussion section. :)

Wicht wrote:

The Secrets of Divine Channeling: now available at the Paizo store! ^_^

I'm some years late to this discussion, but: my group just shot this down as being WAY too unbalanced and overpowered as it stands. The potential buffs are massive, far beyond what an equivalent power like the Bard's Inspire Courage can achieve.

The most experienced GM sees it as broken, and about the best anybody could say is that if handled carefully, and stripped back, it might be balanced. These people are guilty of rampant meta-gaming, this is true - but that's exactly why they called it out.

What say ye?

rude_mech wrote:
Wicht wrote:

The Secrets of Divine Channeling: now available at the Paizo store! ^_^

I'm some years late to this discussion, but: my group just shot this down as being WAY too unbalanced and overpowered as it stands. The potential buffs are massive, far beyond what an equivalent power like the Bard's Inspire Courage can achieve.

The most experienced GM sees it as broken, and about the best anybody could say is that if handled carefully, and stripped back, it might be balanced. These people are guilty of rampant meta-gaming, this is true - but that's exactly why they called it out.

What say ye?

What exactly does it do that a cleric doesn't? But then again cleric is considered one of the most powerful classes in the game so I guess it is overpowered considering that its a similar class.

What it loses;

Alignment is more restricted.

It loses medium armor and shields.

Half of his cleric spell slots

Spontaneous casting

1 orison.

A few 9th and 8th level spells.

Its a level of spells behind.

What it gains;

Two extra domains.

Channel energy caps out at 12d6.

Two more domain spell slots per spell level.

2 more skill points per level.

2 Free domain channeling feats.

Critical channeling (locks you into your deity's weapon if you want to use it )

6 more uses of channel energy.

Channel energy d8 capstone

Pretty much selective channeling at 20th level.

Turn undead

Spontaneous casting his domain spells.

So I guess it depends on how much you value cleric spell slots and armor!and being ahead in spell levels. On one hand the divine channeler gets a lot of stuff. On the other hand some of the stuff it loses is a high price that all but bars it from actual combat. It also seriously depends on the domain combinations of deities in your setting because you are seriously at the whim of your gm on that front. If your domain spells are better than your cleric list then there's that, however your spell list is somewhat smaller as your cleric spell slots are very small making your effective spells known huge.

You do get some versatility by having a lot of domain channeling but those abilities aren't that great. At least not compared to speAlls.

I think it is about on par. The cleric spell list and cleric spell slots trump the extra things DC gets. Plus I don't think that the DC will go into melee unless they have the right deity with the right weapon and blow a feat for armor.

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