Paizo Employee VP of Marketing & Licensing

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zeonsghost wrote:
Jeff Alvarez wrote:
Accusations that I have used offensive slurs about members of the staff are categorically FALSE. Many LGBTQIA+ members of the Paizo staff are close friends of mine, and I would never talk that way about anyone on our staff or in our community.

Can you get them to issue a statement backing that up?

In my 4+ years of working with Jeff, I've never heard him utter a single derogatory thing about LGBTQIA+ people. That includes during executive meetings, tradeshows, Paizo parties, this strange Zoom world we live in now, and more.

Jeff has been nothing but helpful to both me and my husband since I joined the team. In fact, this goes well beyond Jeff--everyone at Paizo has been welcoming and open; it's part of our culture. Claims from nearly a decade ago that cannot be proven are being used as ammunition in an effort to prove a point.

Paizo is not perfect; no company is. We get better every year, and I think the products we've produced are reflective of the internal culture of Paizo today.