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Another option, and one I tried out with Ezren to see how it worked, is to apply a penalty on checks to refresh spells during the round following playing an armor card. This signifies the extra difficulty of casting a spell while "wearing" armor, and works similarly to the spell failure chance mechanic in the PFRPG. It's by no means a perfect system, and not one I used for more than a solo session to see how it worked, but it was a neat experiment.

Asgetrion wrote:
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Gorbacz wrote:
I want the old blog back, you know, when it wasn't less of a "marketing tool" and more of "zany place for weird and cool stuff".

That yoda8myhead guy has changed too, he's changed...

** spoiler omitted **

He sure looks much less regal and more decrepit now... and what is with this "Mark" nonsense? Give us back the good ol' Yoda!

What's in it for me?

Jiggy wrote:
Stephen White wrote:

Key to roleplaying Sheila Heidmarch: "Venture-Captain Sheila Heidmarch pours the coffee as she begins to speak about the mission at hand in her distinctively low, breathy voice."

Distinctively low, breathy voice? So, cross between Marilyn Munroe and Margaret Thatcher?

Interestingly, all I could imagine was Captain Janeway.


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What happens when you sit at a table and someone says they're playing a "front liner" or "tank caster" or some other non-class? I've heard many people describe their PC not by the class levels they possess, but by the role they want to play. "I've a 4th level face" or "I'll be the party's healer" or "I'm your skill monkey." In each of these cases there are a number of classes that could meet that need. I'm not going to tell anyone who they should play with or what criteria they should use for whether or not they get up from the table, but consider that someone may say they're playing an eldritch knight and really have a magus under the hood; without looking at their character sheet, might you not find out until it's too late?

How long after subscribing should one expect to wait before getting the download link?

Yes, send Mark Moreland to Europe. Everyone knows how much better a developer develops after being exposed to organized play in the other side of the world.

+1. Thanks for the guidance and for getting the Society to where it is today. It's quite a legacy you leave behind and I had a ton of fun playing in, GMing, and writing for PFS over the last few years. Best of luck!

After running through the solo adventure last night, I found a few more spots where the rules could be a bit more robust, such as describing how monsters move from tile to tile. Do they move to any square on that tile or the bone pile? if you're adjacent to a monster that's on a different tile, can you not affect it with "on the same tile" powers?

These issues aside, I think I like this better than I liked 4e (despite the similarities in mechanics) because this one admits its a board game and takes the simplification attempted by the rpg to its logical conclusion instead of stopping somewhere between. I'm still eager for the expansions, though I'm more eager for an FAQ.

And I'm using my yoda handle because this is a product discussion and I'm participating in it as a gamer, not in an official Paizo employee capacity.

I picked this up today and am happy I did! I'm a huge nerd when it comes to games that have lots of tokens and minis and different decks of cards. I love the varying gameplay from day to day. It seems like a solidly designed game with good production values and I'm already geeking out over the upcoming expansion/compatible standalone!

That said, I am disappointed that the rules aren't more thorough or better organized. For example, they continually say to discard cards, but I'm not clear on how that works. Are discarded cards removed from the game entirely, etc? Also, there are a lot of tokens and markers that aren't described, so I've got a ton of pieces here and only a vague idea of how to put them together. Admittedly, I haven't looked online for any clarification on either WotC's site or BGG, but it would have been nice not to need to.

Callous Jack wrote:

I miss your ugly catface.


It's still here, it just won't show up quite as much in the future.

Paizo's hiring?!

MisterSlanky, Sorry to hear you didn't like the adventure. Thanks for the feedback and I (we) will keep it in mind for future scenarios.

I'm also a big fan of the art blogs, so whatever this blog we're apparently anticipating is, it had better show some awesome new pictures or I'm going to pack up and move back to New York.

I use the term "moustache" rather liberally, to mean any hair that is not located upon my cranium. That's what you meant, too, right?

The next poster has been a very naughty boy.

I'm here at the new job after a week in Seattle getting myself moved in and set up. It's awesome to have internet after so long being restricted to my cell phone. Thanks again to everyone for all the well-wishes.

Justin Franklin wrote:
Yoda, Paizo's Jason Bulmahn hall monitor.

Maybe I should drive over to the Paizo offices to see if he's there. I know which window is his and wouldn't even need to go inside.

bugleyman wrote:
Unlike the competent work from prior authors, this is inspired. I would buy it.

I would buy two!

That said, stop adding new named locations! By the time my precious map comes out, it'll be outdated.

Hrm. Lots of people interested in my travels. The Uhaul (which we named Unice) was a huge, awkward gas-guzzler, but we made it from NY to Seattle in just under 72 hours (with three stops—Toledo OH, Mitchell SD, and Missoula MT). I don't have internet in my new place so access to paizo.com and other sites has been spotty and will until I start my job next week. Thanks to all for the well-wishes, and though I may no longer be based in a different time zone, I won't be a stranger to the boards once I get myself settled in.

I also eat xheese, like spicy xhili, have visited Xhicago, and prefer the Xheshire Cat to the Marxh Hare.

The next poster has a secret s/he is going to reveal publicly in his/her paizo.com profile.

'strue. Friday I'm loading up the UHaul and moving to a ranch in Crawford, Texas, where I plan to get my photo taken chopping wood, clearing brush, and otherwise not doing my job.

The next poster runs on lithium ion batteries.

Seemingly innocuous and unassuming post in line with the rest of the thread. Nothing unusual here *smile*

The next poster has googly eyes

I haven't read past years' lists, but it seems like they'd all be the same. I get the sense that the list exists to make old people feel nostalgic for times long past, and I'm not sure it succeeds. The incoming college class also never rode a horse-drawn carriage to school every day, nor chopped their own firewood to keep warm in the winter. They never feared that God would damn them with a case of the bubonic plague, or that they might not kill enough mastodons to feed their neanderthalic family. Every year, there is one more year of history a given class hasn't personally experienced. What's the point of listing the things they missed out on?

As for my experience in the Cold War, I never had any of the fears that children of the 50s or 60s lived with, but I vividly remember the fall of the Berlin Wall and dismantling of the USSR. I knew they were big deals, but didn't have the context until I was older and studying the historical implications in school. And I still sort of wish I could live in a post-apocalyptic world and start over, but then books like The Road change my mind and I'm glad we didn't nuke ourselves.

My future brother-in-law is entering college this year, and I have to say, most of these observations are inaccurate. Just because someone was born after a paradigm shift doesn't mean they don't recognize how things were before. Anyone who's ever had a history class knows that Russia did have nukes pointed at the US, even if they never grew up living in fear of nuclear armageddon. It's as if the authors of this piece think the class of 2014 is incapable of understanding any event that happened before their birth.

Let. It. Go.

I love it! My fiancee wants me to stop playing it on repeat, though.

Was this image removed from the APG? I can't seem to find it anywhere.

Malaclypse wrote:
But I did check the mail headers before posting, and they are not as you suggest. My original thread was created :01, and the mail was sent to the paizo mailserver at :05.

I'm sure whatever your issue was, it required more than four minutes to resolve. Regardless, this issue seems to have gone on long enough. Unlike some, I don't want to suggest you take your business elsewhere, but you are adding nothing to the online community here with these caustic threads, so perhaps you can take them somewhere else.

Smurf Troll-slaying (Su): A smurf's natural weapons (including it's aura of thread derailment) suppress a troll's regeneration ability, even though they possess neither the acid nor the fire descriptor. This ability is Charisma-based.

idsuck wrote:
Yeah. I just was a tad lost on where to look for them. I just hope to find the right places. I don't have the book and am using the one on this site to try and help me. Plus what levels up when a character levels up?

It depends what class they are and what level they are progressing to. Every odd level, all PCs get a new feat. At every level, a PC gains a number of skill points determined by their class + INT modifier (plus humans get a bonus point). They also get another HD of hit points based on their class. Every 4th level (4, 8, 12, 16, 20), a PC gains +1 to one ability score. Then every class provides different class features and abilities at each level.

hi idsuck. Is this your first Pathfinder character? If you don't have the Pathfinder rule book, you can find all the rules on the PRD, including an overview of all the abilities and how the associated modifier for each affects the rest of a character's stats.

As an overview:


* your STR modifier will add to (or detract from) your melee attacks, weapon damage, Strength-based skills, and carrying capacity.

* DEX modifiers affect AC, Reflex saves, Initiative, ranged attacks, and Dexterity based skills.

* CON affects hit points and Fortitude saves.

* INT grants you additional skill points per level, spell DCs and bonus spells for Int-based casters, and Intelligence-based skills.

* WIS affects Will saves and Wisdom-based skills, as well as bonus spells and DCs for classes like the Cleric and Druid.

* CHA modifiers impact spellcasting and some class abilities for Bards, Paladins, and Sorcerers, and affect Charisma-based skills.

Yasha wrote:
Smurfdom? Egads....where is Gargamel and Azrael when you need them?!

I sent them an email informing them of this thread, but they haven't arrived yet. It's been almost a week.

Being the kind-hearted smurf I am, I'll just save everyone the next few pages of this thread and get right to what we all know it will devolve into.

I was wondering when you were going to stop by. This thread's convenient placement in the OT forum had me giddy with the possibility of your pending appearance.

Xavier Goodewright wrote:

Ok now try this example:

What if you are by yourself, your 7th level. The only table available to play (and you have a ticket for it) is a tier 1 because every one of the higher tiers are full. Do you turn me away? The option there is to play a pregen or create a new char. Is that fair? I don't think so. Where as an alternative is to play the pregen and get the credit on your 7th lvl. That seems fair.

That leaves the option for people to game the system and never play their own PC while leveling them up without risk of death. If you have a lvl 7 PC and the scenario offered is Tier 1-7, you play with whatever party that ends up making, even if everyone else is lvl 1 and you throw off the challange rating. It's not ideal, but it is what it is. You could also create a new 1st level PC to play in the lowest subtier and save your 7th level for a later scenario where s/he could play a more appropriately scaled scenario.

Kyle Baird wrote:
edit: Removed political joke about our former President's intelligence (score).

All the while maintaining the insult contained therein in your effort to be transparent. Very clever.

Malaclypse wrote:
It might be helpful, however, if they would clarify somewhere that email is not the preferred media for support requests.

There is no preference. 51 weeks out of the year, there are two customer service reps at Paizo HQ—one answering phones and perusing the messageboards and one answering emails and perusing the messageboards. That one week a year where there aren't two there? That was the first week in August, when one of those CS reps was in Indianapolis handling CS for live, face-to-face customers at GenCon (and, incidentally, having his gall bladder removed in emergency surgery). That left one rep in the Paizo offices to handle three means of communication, including your email.

Yeah, it sucks that your email took so long to be addressed, but a little understanding and less demanding goes along way. In any case, I'm glad your issue is resolved and you feel content again with Paizo's service. I don't want to be the cause of Paizo losing your business, so I'll just leave it at that.

There are so many finge cases like this that one can never get an "official" answer to all of them. This is why GMs are not robots. Whether one agrees with or disagrees with a ruling isn't really the point, but rather that GMs should have the ability to make these decisions at the table as they see fit. I certainly hope that we as the PFS community don't start micromanaging every call GMs make on the boards and expecting that we will run games by committee, or worse, that Paizo staff will do so for us.

I mentioned my vote in what I thought was this thread, but it turns out it was one of those ghost blog threads that got duplicated right away and then wasn't linked to from the blog itself.

Sooo, in case that's not being considered, count my vote for Lora as Feiya.

I was just giving Souls for Smuggler's Shiv a more thorough look tonight, and noticed that ex-Pathfinder Eando Kline seems to be featured in the foreword's art. After the visual narrative of the poor, poor owlbear in Kingmaker, I wonder if we'll see his journey from what appears to be Skyreach in Absalom to his fate when the PCs encounter him (if hints in that direction are to be believed) later in Serpent's Skull.

If-a by "shrine" you'sa meanin' "ever-growing pile of popped blow-up dolls," then yessuh, yes I do! Mee-sa Jar Jar fiend-o!

The next poster speaks in pig-latin with an outrageous French accent.

A Boy Scout is always prepared, after all.

The next poster listens only to muzak versions of adult contemporary hits from the 1980s.

You can always purchase a more expensive holy symbol as an art object, at whatever price you want, but it equates to throwing away your money, since there's no mechanical difference between a holy symbol that costs 20 gp and one that costs 2000.

PsychoticWarrior wrote:
Paizo was one of them but they refuse to produce anything for 4E *shrug*

What a completely unreasonable business decision they made *shrug*

seekerofshadowlight wrote:
Mammon wrote:
seekerofshadowlight wrote:
As James stated he would have killed the thing if it had been sense he didn't think it was possible , did not support it and has said before CG gods can't have paladins. The I place it in a editing error really.
Er... what?

James has stated that should never have saw print, and it just slipped by and he was ok with no one ever bringing it up again as he did not support it and LG paladins of a LE god were only sightly better for the game the LE paladins which he stated was not good for the game.

So yes it was an editing mistake nothing more.

Regardless of whether it was an editing mistake or not, until clarification is provided with regards to its legality in PFS organized play, players should assume that RAW from the Core Rulebook, as that's the core assumption and the specifics of the Asmodeus article are not. Since nothing in the paladin class description requires that a paladin worship a deity of any specific alignment (but rather an alignment for themselves), this is a gray area that should be clarified by Josh. Let's not start making blanket assertions of what was and wasn't intended in the published material, in any case, as it doesn't matter in this specific situation.

At least until I can't keep my eyes open any more.

The next poster has a complete collection of Cabbage Patch Kids dolls which they have arranged by gender and hair color.

Well worth the wait, though it's not what I was waiting for...

My vote goes for Lora as Feiya. Great detail. Second place would have to be Jason's Damiel getup.

Great job to everyone!

baron arem heshvaun wrote:
Vic Wertz wrote:
Fair warning: The next Paizo blog will be late... but we think it's worth the wait.
Still waiting for the blog ...

At least give them until they get in the office, geez!

Vic Wertz wrote:
Fair warning: The next Paizo blog will be late... but we think it's worth the wait.

Yay! I love waiting for great blogs!

Dave Morello wrote:
One is posted here: Varian Jeggare GenCon 2010 Exclusive.

I would wait on paying that price on eBay. There should be copies available on paizo.com the same way the leftover Grandmaster Torches were from PaizoCon.

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