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Magus. That is all I want to be added to core.

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First things first. If I can play the character I want then the MAGUS needs to be in the core book.

I may finally have a reason to get into this game. I was waiting for the Magus.

Goblinoids in Eberron are not known for magic, so it could be old Goblin Tech. I imagine the Mournlands as a version of the Mana Wastes in my take on Eberron. I basically transfer Alkenstar with the serial numbers filed off.

Been done.

Scro from Spelljammer.

Does this mean that the Androids are going back to the classic look? Not that robot-like look we saw earlier?

jedi8187 wrote:
Did he say rhino humanoids. I'm sure I read rhino humanoids. Instantly intrigued. Base race maybe. If so I know what I'm using.


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I have answered this before on Facebook, but I have had more time to think, I have to break it down like some here have into categories.

Ships for an adventuring crew:
Raza from Dark Matter
Serenity from Firefly
The Ghost from Star Wars Rebels

Capital ships:
Andromeda Ascendant from Andromeda
Defiant from Deep Space 9
Galactica from Battlestar Galactica the reimagined series

Fighter craft:
Starfury/Thunderbolt from Babylon 5
Mk II Viper from Blood & Chrome (it was redesigned from the series to be a little bigger.
Hammerhead from Space: Above & Beyond

Shuttle type craft:
Puddle Jumpers from Stargate Atlantis
The Marauder from Dark Matter
Danube Class Runabout from DS 9

Spelljammer ships:
Hummingbird (Who wouldn't want to cast Magic Missle as a capital weapon)

Hero Lab

My excitement is for the fact that there will be material written for Pathfinder & supported in Hero Lab (I already asked) that can be used to run Dragonstar.

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Magi......Jedi......they sound pretty similar. :P

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Ginat. Space. Hamsters. :P

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I would love to see an Alkenstar AP. I can imagine combining plots from a couple of old John Wayne movies, like Rio Bavo.

As a general thing, the Fighter.

I would like to see Fighting Styles Unchained. I would like to see something besides feats added to the mix. Maybe you need to take a feat to qualify for the particular style, but then you start getting stuff for the style path you started down.

Maybe do away with the Weapon Focus tree altogether. Replace completely with the Weapons Training scheme.

I really like the new spell system from D&D 5e. Revamp Pathfinder into something that makes as much sense. Part of the D&D approach is similar to the OGL material from Unearthed Arcana. Spells with more power/spellpoints/higher level are how you get what is traditionally tied to caster level.

There may be more that come to mind, but not right now.

Okay, I downloaded it & started to read thru. I wish you had at least included the first 5 levels or so of each class along with the pregens. I have a hard time getting a feel for them without that info. I'm saying this as a guy that would be GMing this if I can get a group to try it.

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Here is an idea.

One thing that could be used to simulate advanced tech would be to make everything steampunk. Say based off of Space: 1889 type of tech. Or, go with a WWI/WWII vibe. Either way, instead of sails, the Spelljammer craft of the alien origin can be driven by aether props powered by helms. The props could be more efficient than standard Spelljamming, effectively doubling the regular speeds.

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Half-Janni Magus
Dervish of the shifting Sands. Eventually maybe get something akin to abundant step from the monk, but along the lines of teleporting thru sand, or becoming a dust devil for it.

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Looking at the various books on Aasimar and Tiefling, I was think it may be a good idea for another race product. A book for Catfolk that gives alternate takes on the Catfolk based on what feline they resemble. Just like you get different versions of the Aasimar and Tiefling based on their parentage, there should be differences based on Catfolk that are based on lions, cheetahs, tigers, or panthers. You know, go full Thundercats on them. :P

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Previously posted over on Facebook.

Gun Mage: Gunslinger/Magus.

I have already made an archetype out of this. Took the Spellslinger's (Wizard archetype) arcane gun feature. That was about it. I really decided that there was no reason, flavor wise, to actually include access to the grit. I thought they would actually be distinct entity with just the arcana options being applied to a gun.

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Fixed my links.

Anachronistic Adventurers

The Modern Path: Heroes of the Modern World

Found a bunch of maps for this AP here:

hero339 map gallery

I haven't done this, but I might, lol. If you don't mind stealing from 3.5e material (which is most of us) then here is a way to incorporate Mind Flayers, Githyanki, and Gythzari. 9000 years ago, when the Divinity encountered the Dominion of the Black, the Dominion had captured some crew members. They find out where Androffa is, & send Mind Flayers to subjugate them. Later, maybe 7500-8000 years, Androffa manages to revolt, lead by the charismatic leader, Gyth. Now divided into the Gythyanki & Gythzari, each race fights eachother, but both are searching for the Divinity. Maybe they feel the ship's AI is responsible, maybe they don't know the full story. Whatever it is, now you have 3 new parties that can play a hand in Iron Gods.

Well, I see the possibility that Androffa IS the world of Unspeakable Futures.

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I have had thoughts about this. The main thing I keep thinking is to keep E6 philosophy in mind. Meaning, that I would not have a single "Real World" character be higher than 6th level.

Other than that, you need to do actual research concerning modern day London. An alternate idea is to set it in another city. I ran a variation of this under 3.5e where the item they recovered was in the Parthenon in Nashville, TN. Imagine my delight with that idea being part of the Percy Jackson movie a few years later, lol.

You could stat out the modern NPCs using the []Anachronistic Adventurers[/url] line of products. Or even []The Modern Path: Heroes of the Modern World[/url].

I need to cancel 2 of my 3 subscriptions. The Pathfinder Campaign Setting and The Pathfinder Player Companion. I am keeping the Adventure Path subscription.

I was really wanting to see alternate racial traits for androids, but I am still pleased with this book. I understand that androids may not actually get them, since they are a manufactured race.

I am staring to get VERY frustrated with your billing system. If I make JUST a PDF purchase, everything goes through just fine. When I try to order physical products, I have been getting declined.

Runeblade would be cool. IIRC, it was actually a better take on the concept, anyway.

Since I had problems with my AP subscription, I would like to cancel it. Once canceled, I am going to redo it so that I will start with Iron Gods.

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The Akashic is great. I would like to see the Runethane get some attention.

Under A Bleeding Sun wrote:

Thanks guys.

xorial thanks for the link though it's not exactly the direction I'm heading. It does have a few gems though.

Well, Loki is the admin for the G+ Spelljammer group.

I have a real neat idea for something. Maybe you could run a little "Coming of Age" adventure, akin to Crypt of the Everflame, only let it happen the way it is intended to be by the village. The Midsummer Festival can be the height of the celebration when the triumphant "heroes" return from their mission.

I know we don't need to worry about wishlists, but one thing that has come up in discussions among my current gaming group is the Paladin. Specifically, Paladins for all alignments. That would be nice.

Hawkins wrote:
If you want Pathfinder spells with heightened and diminished aspects, check out my blog. d20PFSRD Publishing has also begun converting my work into PDFs.

Yeah, this is an old thread before you started that. I talk to you at the G+ Pathfinder group, before. I go by Dale "Xorial" Norman over there.

Two other sites:
Eberron in Pathfinder
Eberron To Pathfinder

Also, if you use Hero Lab, there is a fan created Eberron file for Pathfinder.

Here are some alternatives to the Leadership Feat.

Bullet Points: 2 Options for the Leadership Feat

Magus, Magus, Magus, Magus!!!!!!

I love this product because it will be very helpful for my ongoing update to the Dragonstar RPG. These guys are very similar to the Soulmechs, making them just hi-tech versions of Gearforged.

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You might want to check out the Google+ Spelljammer Community. There has been quite a bit of Pathfinder compatible conversions posted there.

I'm an avid Pathfinder GM. My problem is the GM of the game I am actually playing in like 3.5e & won't change to PF. No problems with that. My question is, What would you think would need to be done to convert Magus to 3.5e? I mean besides the skills. Is there anything that would need to be toned down?

This material was used in the d20 supplement Arsenal. They called it Mithrium.

Rogue Genius Games has a Magus book with a spontaneous casting archetype called the Cabalist.

Having the same problem.

All of your Pulp ideas can be fulfilled using Anachronistic Adventurers products from Rogue Genius Games.

But no gun-toting beholders. :(

None of these helps unless we start seeing Hero Lab files. :P

The premise of this module sounds like a Scooby-Doo episode, lol.


It isn't a Pathfinder module, but I am considering adapting The Red Hand of Doom as the follow up. Might need to alter some of Dragon's Demand, for what I have in mind, but I can see them going together.

This is the RPG I have been waiting for. Really, it is. I saw the artwork for this years ago, but then it just vanished. Now it is back & I have definitely backed this project.

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