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Picked up my two ordered copies at my local store today (I dont buy anything online unless I have no choice because we need to support our local stores).
These maps are even better looking than I thought theyd be
Five stars!

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Wow. This is definitely one of the best maps in a while...not that the rest werent great, but I prefer ones that are this detailed...but very generic so they can be used in broad range of storylines.
Just ordered two copies from my local store and definitely buying the PDF when its available.
Great job, paizo.
Keep the flip mats coming!

my favorite flip mat. Had to pawn two of my children to get hold of a couple hard copy versions

picking up mine tomorrow at the local shop and buying the PDF as well. love this one. ..lot like the country Inn that can be used in a lot of my games

danmasucci wrote:

Definitely a double map set so you can include a second floor, and please give the roof character. If you're going to create a map with so large a roof, don't make it boring. There's no gargoyles, things to hide behind, etc.

And the rooms inside are cramped and there for flavor but not practical for real encounters.

The problem with the second floor thing is this is a two-sided map and you can't have both side showing at the same time obviously. If they're going to do a second floor it seriously needs to be a to map set

These are my favorite kind of flip maps. I'll definitely be buying at least two hard copies and the PDF when it comes out. Kudos to Paizo. Great job. Keep them coming like this and I'll be a Customer forever

I'd buy but I made a carrier for all my mats to be carried unfolded so these won't fit. we always just use a second mat if we need more room anyway.
great idea, though I hope this isn't a foreshadowing of any permanent changes in flip mat sizes

Definitely will buy one hardcopy. Not reusable enough for buying the PDF. I'd like to see far more generic maps..indoor and out. Camp sites, forests, maybe some non giant goblin caves.