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What would be really cool is a multi pack reprint like the new dungeon.
8 of the best flip mats put out.

Deep Forest
Country Inn
Bandit Outpost
Pub Crawl
Town Square

" Creating PFS scenarios with out of print maps can be rather off-putting to a new GM that never had a chance to purchase from the initial run."
Definitely agree.
Always keep popular items coming. There are a list of old flip mats I cant get hold of that Id sell my first born for right now. Cant even find them for a reasonable price on ebay.

"Mine has begun to have a small hole form at one of the cross-folds, and I want to replace it"

I just made a carrying case for my maps so they can stay unfolded.
Its a little bulky, but frankly when Im playing a game at someone elses place Im already lugging around a lot of crap and these maps are SOO worth keeping in mint condition, so its worth any amount of trouble to keep them flat and in perfect shape.
I just used two sheets of 1/4" plywood cut a little longer than the maps, then used Gorilla Tape for the folding hinge on the bottom. Works really great for carrying them around unfolded and great for storage.


I really need the Deep Forest Flip Mat to complete the collection Im getting together.
I have an extra unopened mint/near mint never used copy of "KEEP" Id be willing to trade even up for a near mint copy of Deep Forest...even if its been opened and used lightly.

Anyone up for a trade?