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I almost feel guilty wasting time on what is going to be a simple question, but I can't find a definite answer.

I am filling out Chronicle Sheets for my first Organized Play Scenario that I ran online with friends last night and though I think I understand everything, the one thing that confuses me, is what do you put for "Scenario Chronicle #." Does the equate to the Event # I have registered or does it refer to something else?

The Guide to Organized Play says a legal game consists of 4 players or 3 players with one GM run NPC.

This seems simple enough, but I can't find anything that says if those are registered players or just players. The reason I am asking this question is that I am wanting to try and put together some organized play for a local home group and may be in the situation where a couple of the players will be registered and a couple might not be.

Can I run a game with mixed registered and non-registered and the registered players still get credit for the scenario, while the others don't?