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Dan McAllister wrote:
Also would be nice to have a "printer-ink friendly" version... Minus the background color. Even printed in b&w, it's going to waste a little ink for zero reason...

Can you set it to print in coloiring book mode? Or is that not a thing anymore? Honesty asking. I haven't printed anything out in quite a while.

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Vic Wertz wrote:
wambat74 wrote:
Why did Paizo choose right after the order form went live to limit Canada to one distributor?
Making Universal our exclusive hobby distributor in Canada was something that had been in the works for a while, and the timing wasn't something we had a lot of flexibility on. (We actually made the change after the order deadline had passed, not when it opened.) We made sure that Universal was ordering more than enough additional copies to cover the quantities from the other distributors, so they were fully prepared to honor preorders from retailers that had placed orders with those other distributors. Has your retailegr talked to Universal?

Thank you for the information. I passed it along to my FLGS and they are able to get the Playtest materials from Universal. It will just be an extra few days.

I must have read the date wrong on the article, for that I apologize.

I don't know if it is appropriate to post this here. Sorry if it isn't.

I just found out that my FLGS isn't going to get in the books I ordered because they used the wrong distributor.
I printed off the form from this site, I payed for a copy of the Soft cover, the collector's edition, the flip maps, and Doomsday Dawn. I got together a group of 7 players to run through the playtest material.
And now I find myself, 2 days before the materials come out, out of luck.

I bought and painted 50 Pathfinder Minis, started to make terrain, started to plan out a random encounter table just incase one was needed.

I know this is my problem and that I'm going to have to print off the PDFs if I am able to. But this is the start of my groups' playtest experience. And it has left a bad taste in my mouth.

Why did Paizo choose right after the order form went live to limit Canada to one distributor?