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wow I failed..thanks for the link and sorry again for being such a rookie!

Thank you very much!! glad to be in this community so kind and sorry for these doubts so novice jejeje

**Cursed Wound (divine, curse, necromancy) A creature hit by the clay golem's fist must succeed at a DC 29 Fortitude save or be cursed until healed to its maximum HP. The cursed creature can't regain HP except via magic, and anyone casting a spell to heal the creature must succeed at a DC 29 counteract check or the healing has no effect. The golem's counteract level is equal to its creature level.**

Greetings, as potions are magical items, is it possible to be healed with a potion? what would the player throw if he could?
Also, I don't quite understand how counteract checks work..

But if the weapon is magical to have runes, shouldn't it pass that resistance fisical:10? So only that magical immunity is for spells and effects?

greetings, if an enemy has immunity to magic as a golem and players attack him with magic damage weapons, should they still do blunt damage, slashing or piercing?
Thank you!

Same. No email but order is pending

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hello, if an order is as pending what does it mean?
I have been pending since 15/08
Waiting on the shipping team to pack your stuff up and ship it out. Once that is done you'll receive a shipping email. The status will then change to Complete.

thank you!!

hello, if an order is as pending what does it mean?
I have been pending since 15/08

thank you

pag 118 : Because you’re a cleric, you can usually hold a divine focus (such as a
religious symbol) for spells requiring material components
instead of needing to use a spell component pouch.

Can a cleric use a shield as a sacred symbol?

thank you!!

Hello everyone, are spell vulnerable to an attack of opportunity?

Why Flat-Footed is now -2 Ac and not +2 to the player's attack? Any reason that escapes me?

Hello, a barbarian with giant instinct, apart from the weapon bought when you create the character, can you buy another one in the adventures and wear two? For example, carry a greataxe and a bastard sword both long in the back?
Or can you only take the one you choose in character creation?

Thank you, you have been very helpful!

POWER ATTACK [two-actions] FEAT 1
You unleash a particularly powerful attack that clobbers your foe but leaves you a bit unsteady. Make a melee Strike. **This counts as two attacks when calculating your multiple attack penalty**. If this Strike hits, you deal an extra die of weapon damage. If you’re at least 10th level, increase this to two extra dice, and if you’re at least 18th level, increase it to three extra dice.

My question is: that penalty (-5) is applied to the attack of power attack or it would be later with another normal attack . If it were later it wouldn't be too top

Can anyone say if AoO is now a general feat? Thank you.

Have you started sending material?

thank you very much to all. I will wait anxiously for the payment !. Just to know, is there any approximate data of how many copies will be sent? It is to give data to some people who say that pf2 is not having much interest haha

Hello, I am new to subscriptions. A Mail has arrived and I have been placed on orders. But they have not charged me anything, do I need to do something else? or just wait?

Done, thank you!!

When I placed my order for the AP Subscription I had selected AP #145 Hellnight Hill, but when I checked out it changed to AP# 144. Please update my subscription so that it begins with the 2e AP modules AP #145 Hellnight Hill. Thanks.

Hi, when you want to subscribe to Pathfinder Adventure Path and you want to start with Pathfinder Adventure Path # 145: Hellknight Hill (Age of Ashes 1 of 6) it always stays as if you started with Pathfinder Adventure Path # 144: Midwives to Death (Tyrant's Grasp 6 of 6).

thank you friend!!

For my online games, I definitely use FG and the pathfinder modules save me a lot of work 10/10