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In my game I keep it simple. I remove the component cost for effects that duplicate 8th level spells and under. 25,000 for an Invisibility spell or the like cause you have a wish you havent used but need a much lower power spell you don't currently have access to is too much by far.

So duplicating spell effects 8th and below free just like the divine casters. Now if you want to never breathe again, grow wings permanently, increase a stat or the like, or to really test the GMs patience with something grander. 25,000 seems fine.

Just saying "Its a god granting the spell and a wizard isnt a god" doesnt quite cut it when either can cast a spell of 9th level which the game designers have stated clearly that they believe Wish and Miracle are THAT power level without divine intervention. The priest draws power from the outer planes, the mage from his own force of will, but they can , in EVERY SINGLE OTHER CASE, perform the same feats of magic at the same levels. There is no reason arcanes should get such a massive penalty to what can otherwise be a very handy spell.

either case. Reasonable power , reasonable cost. Major power, Major cost. Simple.

The big deal here is where a melee and a rogue consistently team up in order to maximise the number of sneak attacks applicapble. In my sessions the rogue kills 3/4 of all opponents by himself as the fighter and the rogue both reposition and refuse to allow the opponent out of the trap. If it moves morre than 5 feet it provokes an attack of opportinity for both rogue and fighter and next turn both are in position again.

Two weapon fighters are meatgrinders as both main and offhand weapons get sneak attacks. Do the math

Say a 5th level Rogue two weapon fighter with Rapier and shortsword. lets leave out magical and strength bonuses. Pure damage

Rapier 1d6+ 3d6 = 4-24 damage per round alone
Shortsword also 4-24 damage per round

Total is 8-48 damage per round. Rogue had max 24 Hit points base at this point.

Now lets look at an opponent... say a fighter

5th level Longsword. Same bonuses. 1d8 damage per round. 2d8 with 2 weapon fighting. Fighter has max 40 hp base.

So fighter gets flanked and they attack each other both get max madage. The rogue has 24 - 16= 8 Hp left after round 1

The fighter has 40- 48 = -8 and bleeding to death.

Yup rogues are sooo underwhelming when u add the figures.

by 11th level the rogue is doing 72 damage per round or up to 144 damage with available two weapon feats, but dont forget , who has a 11th level rogue with non-magical weapons. Lets not forget Elemental damages for an additional 1-6 per attack and then the likely strength bonuses and weapon plusses .

A rogue at any level can kill any opponent his size in one round with sneak attacks and flanking is a simple team maneover, or at least a fighter regardless.

I hear (READ) ppl all the time saying how rogues are underpowered. You must be running them wrong if you arent getting the basic damage listed above. Im against munchkinism and letting rogues have unlimited xd6 attacks for free is overpowered. Only the monk can tryly outdamage a rogue after the first couple rooms of a dungeon.