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This is so exciting! So is adventuring in Starfinder getting off the ship and exploring new worlds?

Can the phantom blade change its look over time or is it always the same blade?

I really love this guide - nobody talks about the Vigilante :(

I'm surprised you rated Falconine as good. It only gets flying at level 12 and only at 18 do you get Deadly Dive - why rate that so high when they get an AoO.

I know its a lot of work but this guide would be so much better if you included the best feats as a little extra for each archetype. So not a whole feat section as that's like all of them, but maybe the 'must-haves' for an archetype?

FedoraFerret wrote:
We have another update! Straight from Blood of the Beast, we have a more discreet counterpart to Renown, Martial Flexibility for Racial feats, and a new animal for the Wildsoul that actually doesn't suck!

Yay Catwoman!

master_marshmallow wrote:
Also: something about feminism, why isn't Black Widow mentioned once in the guide, something... idk. Someone is gonna say it eventually.

Ah that hurts to read. So suddenly he's bad for not mentioning Black Widow. As if she's the most iconic female superhero. I don't blame him, she's really boring. What about Raven? Pretty sure she's a woman!