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I always recommend Seelah the paladin. She is well built and provides front line and healing. How can you go wrong.

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I have always been happy with the xp system that society uses for gaining levels and I continue to hope that that system does not change. 3 xp a level has been one of the best things to be introduced into a worldwide campaign.

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This is something I have wanted for a long time is the guide to be the definitive place for some one to get answers on questions on how to do basic things like how to determine your animal companions hit points, how a wizard, witch, classes with a spell book like thing can pay for access to spells in the guide. All these things are in the faq or the forums, but should be placed in the guide to make it easier to find. When a ruling that effects how to build or level a character is made, those rulings should eventually be put in to the guide.

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Naal wrote:

My interpretation. Phantoms get four skill points per level. Two of these ranks are from their emotional focus, and cannot be freely placed. Another two skill ranks can be placed in any other skills.

Reasoning: Phantoms are outsiders. Outsiders get 6 skill points per HD. Intelligence 7 eats 2 of those skill points. Four remain. (I consider the "2+Int modifier" to already include the penalty for Int 7.)

If you were to increase the Intelligence of a Phantom to 8, it would gain one additional skill point per HD.

Phantoms also gain the same class skills as basic outsiders, with the exception of Intimidate, one freely chosen skill, and the two emotional focus class skills. Since each outsider gains 4 additional class skills, this is fine. One of the many tiny things that bugs me is that they often 'lose' some of these additional class skills, since since emotional focus class skills sometimes overlap with existing class skills.

I feel you are spiritual correct that a phantom should get 6 skill points per HD, -2 because of int and 2 chosen for them, but that is not what the text says.

Text says 2 + int for phantoms which leads me to think they get 1 skill point a level you can pick, or you just get the 2 points in the skills of the emotional focus. The table kind of points to the phantom getting 2 skill points that you choose where they go and 2 you put in the emotional focus skills.
I wish some one would clarify for pfs sake. In a home game the GM could answer the question and move on.

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BigNorseWolf wrote:
Steven Schopmeyer wrote:
There's a difference?

Depending on intent yes.

Someone could say that its a house rule/clarification that thing that was obviously meant to work like this works like this (in which case it's not really a house rule its a house clarification or DMs call)


They could be complaining that a clarification is faqratta, deviating from the pure perfect mechanism of the raw and changing something.

I will admit that I am complaining. I feel that complaining is a waste of time. I have been in Living Campaigns since 2000 and quickly realized that complaining rarely does any good. I find that I just have to work around the faqs and errata, but it does upset me that I get a new splat book, wait for the content to be approved, then before I settle into the new content to use, the content gets change to things that I feel are just about useless.

Example from above: Page 27—A character with the restoration spirit specialization hex shell of succor may use the hex once per day, plus one additional time at 11th and 19th levels. In the book this is 1+cha modifier times a day. This feature can only be used by a pure shaman according to the book, and at that many times a day I feel is useful, but with the errata I would never take that hex. Just my complaints. Take them for what they are, an opinion.

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Linda Zayas-Palmer wrote:

There is a version of the Campaign Clarifications document that includes the clarifications from Pathfinder Player Companion: Healer's Handbook and Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Qadira: Jewel of the East, but has not yet made it on to the website. I'm including this information in a spoiler below so that you can select these options for your characters with the clarifications in mind.

** spoiler omitted **...

I feel like every time I look at one of these clarification documents, I feel the document should be renamed house rules for pathfinder society.

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Ok, Thanks that answers my question for the moment.

Will wait patiently......

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So it seems the answer to one of the questions of the new faq indicates that no familiar, improved or otherwise can use a wand.

So I am guess my question is can improved familiars with Use Magic Device still use wands?

Question and Answer that I am referring to:
Can my animal companion or familiar wear or use magic items?
Note: This FAQ entry reflects the current rules. It will receive an update in the near future to expand the list of options.

It is intended that animal companions or familiars cannot activate magic items. An animal companion could benefit from an item with a continuous magical effect like an amulet of natural armor if its master equipped the item for the animal companion. Animal companions of any type may not use manufactured weapons.

Animal companions are also limited by their individual anatomies. In Pathfinder Society Roleplaying Guild, animal companions always have access to barding and neck-slot items so long as they have the anatomy. For example, a horse and pig can always have access to barding and neck-slot items. A snake does not have access to either. However, an item called out to be used by a specific animal is usable by that animal regardless of slot.

Additionally, animal companions have access to magical item slots, in addition to barding and neck, as listed on the inside front cover of Pathfinder Player Companion: Animal Archive so long as they select the Extra Item Slot feat. The Animal Magic Item Slots table found in Animal Archive is not a legal except under the following conditions. First, an animal companion, familiar, or bonded mount, may choose one slot listed under its body type when taking the Extra Item Slot feat (this feat may be taken multiple times, each time selecting a different available magic item slot based on the creature's anatomy). Second, access to specific magic item slots may be granted at a later date by another legal source. If you do not own a copy of the Animal Archive, your animal companion may only use barding and neck-slot items.

An animal or familiar has to have an intelligence of 3 or higher to activate an ioun stone. If the animal or familiar has less than a 3 intelligence, it may not activate an ioun stone.

The brownie, faerie dragon, imp, lyrakien azata, mephit, quasit, sprite familiars, granted by the Improved Familiar feat, use the Biped (hands) section of the chart. The carbuncle and voidworm protean, familiars granted by the Improved Familiar feat, uses the Serpentine section of the chart. If you do not own a copy of the Animal Archive, your animal companion may only use barding and neck-slot items.

What abilities do vanity-purchased NPCs have on play (for example, the NPCs on pages 60-61 of Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Pathfinder Society Field Guide)?
These NPCs provide only the listed benefits. They have no statistics and cannot roll checks

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The Kinetic Chirurgeon (Archetype) which oddly gets more Mercies than a paladin, because one every 2 levels starting at level 3.

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What the text of the clarification says is, "Instead of gaining a +4 bonus to a specific ability score at 4th level, an ancestor eidolon gain the ability increase evolution for that ability score at 4th level. ".

The problem with this is there is no +4 to ability score at 4th level in the quick rules.

Quick rules of the Fighter, Rogue and Sorcerer from the prd:

Quick Rules: +2 on all rolls based on Str; gains a bonus combat feat and an additional bonus combat feat for every 4 HD (to a maximum of 10 feats; a fighter creature is considered a fighter with a level equal to its HD for the purpose of qualifying for combat feats). If the creature has 3 or more HD, it gains armor training† (the bonus increases and penalty decreases for every 4 HD the creature possesses thereafter, to the class feature's normal maximums). If the creature has 5 or more HD, it gains weapon training† (the creature gains only one weapon group, and its bonuses increase by 1 every 4 HD thereafter, to a maximum of +4).

Quick Rules: +2 to AC and on all rolls based on Dex; gains sneak attack† with a number of sneak attack dice equal to 1/2 its HD (maximum 10d6 at 20 HD); gains evasion† and uncanny dodge† (if the creature has 10 or more HD, it also gains improved uncanny dodge† and two rogue talents†, one of which can be an advanced talent†).

Quick Rules: +2 on all rolls based on Cha; gains the bloodline arcana† and bloodline powers† of its chosen bloodline (using its HD – 2 as its sorcerer level to determine the effect and DC [minimum 1]); can cast a small number of sorcerer spells (see the Sorcerer Spells Known table below) using its HD as its CL and gaining two spell slots for every level of spells known.

Nowhere in the quick rules is a +4 to ability scores. So, I can not replace what they are asking for me to replace.

My point over all this is I do not think this archetype need clarification. Perhaps the rule of you cant use feats to circumvent the restriction in the archetype but that was it.

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Ivo van der Werff wrote:

Are you sure about that? It would be a whole lot better than I originally thought, in the case.

"It gains the abilities noted under the template’s quick rules as if it were a creature with 1 Hit Die. The eidolon does not gain any abilities that a character with 1 level in the class associated with the chosen template wouldn’t have."

As I read it, the rule doesn't make a difference between 'class abilities' gained from the template and 'other' abilities such as the blanket +2 bonus.

I think you are correct. Which means that at 4th level you would gain an ability score bump and a +2 to all rolls for ability score as noted in the quick rules.

I am beginning to think some one thought we used the rebuild rules, but that is not what the text says at all.

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King of Anything Rogue Ancestors already got what you are saying. (Quick rules +2 to ac and all rolls based on dex)

I do not feel this is a clarification. This seems like a rules change. I am not sure why we needed this change.

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Quote from above:
Linda Zayas-Palmer wrote:
Thomas Hutchins wrote:

so instead of the quick rules we use the rebuild rules using the gradual str increase, or instead of the bonus to rolls we get actual stat increases and otherwise use the quick rebuild?

Does this stat increase count as and follow the rules of the normal evolution? meaning if that is going to str does it count as 1 of the 2 increases I can do or is it separate from all the choices I make with the evo points?

Because the simple template being a bonus to the rolls means that I can still pick up the stat increase evolution as normal and stack them. Using the real rebuild rules lets me stack them. So I'm curious if these bonus evolutions count to the limit or are outside the limit.

They count as taking those evolutions for all purposes, including the limit.

I do not understand the need for a clarification. If you leave the archetype alone not change anything, you get to the same place. So, my question is why the change?

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So I am a bit confused at the clarification for the Ancestor Eidolon subtype. You take away the racial adjustments to ability scores, but later on you give +2 then +4 to an ability score back. I mean according to the text of the book.

At 4th level, the ancestor eidolon chooses one of the
following simple class templates (Pathfinder RPG Monster
Codex 246): fighter, rogue, or sorcerer. It gains the abilities
noted under the template’s quick rules as if it were a
creature with 1 Hit Die.
- Blood of Beasts pg 31

Then looking at monster codex. The quick rules make no mention of a permanent ability score bonus, just a +number to certain rolls.

So I am not sure what you are going for here or why the need for a change.

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P110 Animist Archetype 6th level spell does not exist (speak with stone). I think its supposed to be Stone Tell, did not find this error mentioned before so thought I would.

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My understanding is reduce word or page count to make the document not so daunting.

My point of putting things in the guide is so that these rules I know to be true like animal companions taking average hp per hit die, is to make it a one stop resource for new players to find information. The three things I mentioned are Core campaign concepts that should be in the guide for all players to find when making a character.

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Still missing from the guide.
How to figure animal companion and eidolon hit points?
How classes with a spell book or familiar like spell book can pay 50% of the scribing cost to get access to spell?
What and how you can upgrade magical items?

I felt these were things that should have been added to the guide. I feel the guide should be the place that I go to to make sure I am doing everything right with my characters. I should not have to spend a half hour looking through the forums for unclear answers and searching the faq to see if my answers lie there. I realize the guide has a page count or word count limit, but since we added a glossary, perhaps we should have added a faq to the back that could have mentioned my above notes and others that I have not thought of.

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My reasoning for upgrading to be more clear is when I went to look on the forums I found two different answers to my question "Can I upgrade a rod of lesser metamagic feat to a rod of metamagic feat?". Then when I went to the guide to figure this out, I was still unsure whether I could or not, and if I am unsure and I have been doing this for awhile, I am sure a new player could be frustrated at this as well.

I also like to occasionally check behind myself to make sure I am doing things correctly and when I last tried to do that I could not easily find all the rules and procedures to do that in a timely manner. I would just like the guide and the clarification documents to be able to answer most of my questions.

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I would like to take the time to expand on the above post and include other rules and rulings that I think need to be in the Role Playing Guild document that are not currently in the guide.

1. How to figure hit points for Eidolons and Animal Companions. Agree with a poster above.
2. How wizards, witches, magus, arcanist, and any class that has a spell book gains access to more spells beside buying a scroll.
3. I would like the section on upgrading magic items to be clearer. What you can upgrade and how to go about doing this should be in the guide.

I realize these things can be found on the website somewhere, but i feel these need to be in one place and the guide to organized play seems like the best place for rules like these.

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Wayang Rogue
Feat skill focus stealth
gear: potion of invisibility, potion of reduce person

gold spent 350

dex +3
rank +1
class skill +3
skill focus +3
racial bonus to stealth +2
tiny +8
standing still while invisible +40

+60 stealth while standing still.

I am sure there are traits to help but I am lazy.

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So I believe this thread brings up a topic that needs clarifying. I mean I understand that the Ultimate Magic evolutions are not really overpowering and are generally in line with the list evolutions available in Unchained, but are they allowed for an unchained summoner's eidolon? I am unsure. I would like for the UM evolutions to be open to give the class more ability to differentiate itself from others. I personally do not want to have a similar build to others and would appreciate more variety.

Other's in this thread have mentioned spell list of the unchained summoner, this should also be clarified. A spell that is on the original summoner's list is Infernal Healing. Should unchained summoner not be allowed to cast this spell or should unchained summoners only have access to spells that are specifically mentioned in unchained and sources after unchained was released? I would allow unchained summoners to have spells from sources before unchained at my table while gming but I can see others not allowing this. I do not know about everyone else, but I like to avoid table variation rules.

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I was wondering why the witch patrons in Champions of Purity are not allowed?


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Well you could think of it as different class skills and a free feat that is Iron Will(because of the +2 to will saves paladin gets instead of fighter), instead of the fighter bonus feat.

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Was a back story consideration mostly.
I realize that starting as a fighter is the way to realistically go in a situation where you fail out of paladin school or screw up in someway before you go adventuring, but just thought I would ask?

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Can you start your character as an ex-paladin?

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Made Halfling Paladin, but i decided to make my life harder and make a Halfling Paladin/wizard going toward Eldritch Knight

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So when you figure the digital root of Summon Monster spells like Summon Monster IV is that an i and a v or is that a 4?

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John Compton, thank you for the swift update to Warpriest. I understand the logic of not including the arithmancy feats and hope that in the future arithmancy feats might be included, but I am not holding my breath. Thanks again.

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Imbicatus wrote:
Apocryphile wrote:
I can understand Sacred Geometry being not allowed in PFS, it is way too easy to abuse. But Arithmancy? Seriously? looks like I bought a book for nothing.

Arithmancy has the same problem as Sacred Geometry, and it has nothing to do with the power of the feat. It simply slows down play too much.


For example, a wizard wants to use Arithmancy to cast an augmented fireball. First, he translates the spell name into numbers. Fireball translates to 6, 9, 9, 5, 2, 1, 3, 3. Then he calculates the digital root. In this case, 6 + 9 + 9 + 5 + 2 + 1 + 3 + 3 = 38, 3 + 8 = 11, and 1 + 1 = 2. Therefore, the digital root of fireball is 2. He then attempts a Spellcraft check against a DC of 15 (10 + 3 [fireball's spell level] + 2 [fireball's digital root]).

If his check succeeds, he can cast the fireball this round at +1 caster level. If he fails, he can cast the spell at –1 caster level this round. He may also choose not to cast fireball and perform another action, though he expends the spell.

Do you want to waste precious event time for this EVERY TIME someone casts a spell? I know I don't.

This problem can be avoided by doing the work ahead of time and knowing the digital root of every spell you can cast. Like Summon Monster if you do a little work ahead of time, you save everyone at the table a headache.

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redward wrote:
Illeist wrote:
Out of curiosity, why don't warpriests of non-Core deities get blessings?

I don't have the final text of the Warpriest, but in the playtest version it reads

Each warpriest can select two blessings from among those granted by his deity (each deity grants the blessings tied to its domains).
I can' tell if the language in the new Guide invalidates that.

Warpriest: To utilize a blessing, a character must be a worshiper of the listed deity.

The only deities listed in the Advanced Class Guide underneath the Blessings are Core Deities.

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Just curious why you did not allow variant spell casting for the deities listed on pages 175-182?

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So I have noticed again that Investigators do not have the clause that allows spell-trigger items to be used from their spell list. Is this on purpose?

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So I have noticed that Investigators do not have the clause that allows spell-trigger items to be used from their spell list. Is this on purpose?

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Can you fix the spell Malfunction so that the spell works as intended because at the moment the creatures that the spell target are immune to the spell effects. The reason for this is that the spell requires a fort save and Constructs are immune to any effect that requires a fort save and that does not effect objects. Also since most construct are spell immune you should change the spell resistance to no.

"Construct trait
Immunity to any effect that requires a Fortitude save (unless the effect also works on objects, or is harmless)."-- pg 302 Bestiary 3