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Without promo cards there are now 20 errated cards and I think there will be more after the adventure decks get released. With duplicates that sums up to over 60 cards (ok, Blessing of Gods takes a big part of that). So I would really like a replacement pack, it is ok if this gets released after the whole cycle. I would of course also pay a few bucks for it. If that is totally not possible then a PDF with corrected card images for printing and labeling I could live with :)

Sara Marie wrote:

For international customers, who wish to start with the Character Add on Deck:

Because of the way the subscription system works, the option isn't going to come up on the website for starting with the character add on deck. However, when the option for starting with the first Adventure Deck shows up on the subscription page, start with that issue and email customer service and we will be happy to manually add the character add on deck as part of the subscription if you wish. This way you get your 20% discount off the cover price—and the promo cards!

So as an international customer (live in Germany) I can just start the subscription with Character Deck/Adventure Deck 2 and will get all the promos, including the GenCon and GameTrade Magazine ones?

If you say yes, I will subcribe in the same moment :)