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Oooh, I'm liking all of these. It's a shame they're all largely mutually exclusive; they're great parts of a fantastic whole.

RumpinRufus wrote:

Tactics are just as important as build for this one.

Readied actions and Step Up get you a LONG way towards mage-killing. If you can disrupt their casting with an attack, that's a hard concentration check for them to make. If they try to move away, trip them with your AoO.

Yes, I love tactics, much to the consternation of the guy in the group who likes playing 6 INT orcs. Step Up and its children are feats that I adore but can never find space for in a build because something else at that level always works slightly better. Harley Quinn X's idea of combining it with Litany of Sloth sounds...nasty. Just a shame LoS only lasts one round.

RumpinRufus wrote:
Blind Fight is useful to counter Mirror Image.

That's part of the reason I took the Umbral Stalker archetype alongside Spellbreaker in the prototype build; the Darkness domain gives you Blind-Fighting for free at first level. The other reason being this build stems from a similar attempt at D&D 4e a few years ago using the Assassin class. Unfortunately, while the Assassin is an interesting class fluff-wise (selling part of your soul to the Raven Queen as a down payment on some kickass powers is ripe for RP), practically speaking anything it can do the Rogue can do better. Thanks, Mike Mearls! Anyway, the Umbral Stalker archetype is a fitting replacement as far as narrative is concerned.

Tacticslion wrote:

I keep reading this thread title as,

"Assassination Mages Guild"

Even though I know what it says, I still read it that way every time.

... and it's actually pretty awesome.

[writes that one down for later] I've spent half an hour trying to come up with a clever slogan for this and I've got nothing.

Grandlounge wrote:
If not something like this you need to get into magical counters. This basically requires playing an other 9th level caster.
Volkard Abendroth wrote:

Magus can be a solid mage killer.

You have access to most of the same tricks as those you are hunting, plus you have access to the Lingering Pain arcana.

I don't know why, but "Send the wizard to kill the wizard" just feels...weird to me when it comes to characters who are dedicated to killing mages. It occupies the same mental space as Ordo Malleus Inquisitors using bound daemons. I usually try to avoid it for that reason unless I'm trying to tell that particular kind of story.

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I've been knocking around a character concept for a while now: a Rogue-ish mage killer. The Spellbreaker archetype for the Inquisitor comes close to doing what I want -- things like Defense against Magic and Foil Casting are solid and thematically appropriate. What I'm missing is a way to lock down a single caster without having to rely on them botching their Concentration check; in all my time with this game I've never seen an at-level caster fail Concentration unless a Tetori has them in a full-Nelson. I need a way to quickly dish out effects that prevent verbal and somatic casting, and maybe an alpha strike in the same vein as the Rogue's sneak attack (though it doesn't have to be as powerful, since it only needs to hack through a d6 HD).

Throwing another wrench in this plan is the fact that the DM caps us at level 10, because he finds a demigod-murdering warband uninteresting, which I can respect. As such, feats and levels are even more precious.

For those who like fluff to guide their thinking: the character's backstory is that her lover was used as a human sacrifice by a cabal of warlocks and now she's out to put the knife in every last one of them, their lackeys, and anyone who patronizes them.

I think I spotted a bug in the Excel 5.8a version. The City Consumption sub-calculation on the Overview sheet uses "='City Overview'!G27+'City Overview'!F27". Column F on the City Overview sheet is for City Fame, according to the header, with F27 being the sum of the Fame scores for all 25 Cities. Column E is the number of Districts in each City, which is what affects a City's Consumption if I recall correctly.