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DAY 20 - 3 VP - Slay Varning & Rangers.
DAY 20 - 5 VP + 2 Bonus - Divide the Captains.
FINAL Assault - TURN Lord Thomas - 5 VP.
SLAY Numerous Soldiers - 6 VP.
Poison MANY Guards - 4 VP.

Total = 26 VP.


AC = 23 (Natural +16)
Slam +18
Hit Points = 157/-3

Morana's Moment:
I really like the Waters of Lamashtu mixed with Delay Poison option. That would be rather entertaining. I know we had discussed something else much earlier though I do not remember what it was.

Since it is a lot of soup for a lot of people am I to assume that there are many pots being made or is it one large pot that needs to be portioned out for transport?

So my thoughts on how Morana manages are that I can either try to offer to fill the pot/s up for Mama Guiseppe and pour it in then or and I prefer this option. Once the stew is done and she has learned the ways of things from the kind old woman Morana would offer to handle moving it out of the hot pot/s into something easier to transport in. She is my elder and I should not make her strain herself. Try to convince her to go rest her legs and have some tea while she gets it ready for those strapping young men who protect this glorious land.