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8 con melee class. dude likes to live on the edge.

Tallow wrote:
Scott Howland wrote:
Don't release new product without being willing to put it into additional resources immediately!!!!
You do realize that the publishing team(s) don't publ8sh for PFS, right?

i'm sure scott was being sarcastic; dude has three stars.

Have: bactrachian hero (grippli), elemental voyager, starfinder legacy heritage (any uncommon race)

Want: share the wealth (equipment), aasimar, tiefling, vishkanya

have: grippli

want: open to any other race boon; send a pm.

could you put a link to your facebook, i'm having trouble finding it.

I would love a turn based pathfinder game.

just purchased this and was wondering if there are supposed to be bookmarks for the pdf. i bought a few of your other books from drivethru a while back and they all came with bookmarks.