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Dear Paizo peeps,

I just recieved the beginners box in good order and I really like to thank you for the way its packed.
I had a bit hard feelings about it mostly because of the long way as it needed to travel all the way to Europe (Holland).
It came unharmed IMO mostly because of the styrofoam cornerpieces in the cardboard box.

Once again thanks, now i am going to open it and enjoy :)

Greets, one happy customer

Here is a description from my homecampaign I like to keep up to date.
Players that participate in a Rise of the Runelord campaign you are STRONGLY ADVICED to LEAVE. Let this not spoil your future fun.

My group consist of 6 players. one of them could not attend the first session :(

The players are:
Male Human (varisian?) Ranger called Wilhelm Wicki
has a big hatred for Gobo's. likes to feed em to Chutulu
(a self-imagined god)

Male Dwarf "Eagle Shaman Druid" raised by Shoanti called Talek nature/totem philosophy

Male Dwarf "Bear Shaman Druid" (no history yet)

Male Half-Orc Sorcerer with Red Dragon bloodline called Spark follower of Nethys de god of magic

Female elven Wizard (from Quadira) “teleportation school” called Rukia
Treantmonk style G.O.D-build

first post is under spoiler tag

Adventure awaits:
Rova 18th 4708
Day: Thursday

At morning two people met each other near the southern bridge of Sandpoint.
The one was a man named Wilhelm Wicki, dressed in light armor sitting on his horse, he is packed with a variety of weapons.
The other man, a dwarf named Talek, is a dwarven druid with a fascination for all things bird related.
After having introduced they entered the Sandpoint together.
At first they visited the “Goblin Squash Stables” and they got to know Daviren Hosk, the owner. Daviren is "famous"for his hatred against Goblins.
He even goes as far he hung a WANTED on his stable stating a bounty for the proof of dead goblins, wich he pays out of his own pocket. His hatred even goes so far Daviren has a decent collection of goblin ears (which he himself collected) hammered on the wall in his office. Proof

When Wilhelm and Talek check-in at the “Rusty Dragon”, they meet an elven woman dressed exotically (Rukia) and a dwarf druid with a penchant for bears (Ismael)

All the heroes so far, are introduced and decide to go on goblin hunt.
Talek had heard a rumor that at night at the garbage dump, goblins could come.
So the newly formed group decided to go out and see for themselves.
When our heroes arrived at the dump they hung a rope.
The highest point was 120 feet, but only rope they had was 100 feet long.
Talek decided to descend along the rope nevertheless.
After a slow start, he came at the end of the rope and fell from there.
The heroes who stood at the cliff-top then came up with the idea find the place where once was the staircase to Choppers Isle.
The cliff was only 80 feet high at the removed staircase and as a bonus the climb was much easier there.
The second person who had climbed down was the dwarf called Ismael. He also fell down the last few meters and suffered some minor bruises too.
The rest of the party came down without any troubles.
The heroes found a nice spot on Choppers Isle from off where they would have a nice spot to shoot goblins one by one once they’d show show their ugly faces.
Probably because the goblins would only show up at night, they decided to first to explore the island.

They found many images of birds carved into the still living trees. There also were could a few dead trees that were completely transformed into herons.
This was the work of Jervis Shock. The chopper.

The party did decide to investigate choppers burned out house.
Talek and Wicki entered the house. Wicki found 2 masterwork woodcutting tools and a stone trapdoor. Because the trapdoor was quite heavy, he asked for assistance. Talek opened the slab as collapsed and therefore fell into a quite deep hole next to the stairs. At that spot he passed out.

Ismael, Wicki and Rukia just took the stairs down :).
Talek wounds were treated and the entrance chamber was examined.

Some of the heroes did hear the sobbing of a little kid and at the same time noticed someone comin down the stairs……..ALARM.
The person coming down was a half orc wich gave quite a lot consternation.
after some explatiion it turned out the Half orc is an archeologist called Spark.
Together they examined the sobbing. It turned out the sobbing came from a little ghost hovering above it’s once mortal remains. The druid Talek aproached the ghost and they came to agree that Talek would bring the remains to the kids family.
There was also a huge wooden statuepiece of an obscure birdlike demon, Pazuzu in the first room.
The Party Barred one pair of doors with the statue.
It might not come to a surprise that the statue lost both of it’s eyes (onyx gems) in the progress. The other pair of doors had been openend and the room behind in briefly examined by Rukia’s bat familiar.
There was probably no danger behind so the party entered. Inside the found some sort of a offering room. A ghastly room it was, filled with pots of eyballs and well prserved human tongues. Also there was a huge tome containing pictures of Pazuzu (a birdlike abyssal lord) and a creature who could be the Sandpoint Devil.

After the offering room had been serached the adventurers removed the statue and entered the second pair of doors.
There was a small hallway that led to another downward staircase. Wicki was the first to enter the stairway. He did discover a rusted dagger there. About that time he also saw a feathercloacked man wielding a pair of carvingtools. Wicki did ready an attack. The cloacked man made the first attack. Wicki sliced right through the man as if he wasn’t there (this was exactly what the rest af the party saw). Suddenly wicky was itching spasticly and there were some bird figures carved in his underarms.

The room under the stairs was a mess of bone birdcarvings and papers strewn out on the floor. There also was a bed.
Spark found a scroll off summon moster III between the filth and Talek found a half decayed stuffed red dog. The stuffed dog made the party figure out the bones belonged to Simon Korvut Das Korvut, the owner of the Red Dog Smithy is his father.

After the clearing of the ruins the party slept on the island till the next day.
The guard didn’t spot any Goblins. To Wiki’s dismay it didnt look like Kubulu was going to get satisfied any time soon. And the fellow went off back to town.

New Day: Friday (market day)
Spark the brown nose made good relations with the weapons smith. The Remains of his son Simon (with proof: the boys red dog toy) made a fancy reward: mw weapons for the whole party, although no dwarven war axe for Ishmael.

Gathering info about any nearby location’s of goblins the Fellowship decided to scout the southern road for about 6.5 miles. 3 goblins where found; ambush foiled & tables turned. Death rattles and 1 prisoner resulted in a new plot uncovered: “the goblin Long Shank plan”. Unfortunately the goblin’s didnt know (or want to tell) any detail of the plan.

After much debating between Talek & Wiki the fellowship headed back to down. delivering their first ears (5gp a pair) and the prisoner to sherif hemlock. Woot, the taste of golden loot.
Spend while it’s still hot: on to the market. 2 wands of curelight wounds ordered (delivery next friday) scrolls bought.

The one without teeth urged Wiki on with an invisible hand. There was more slaughter to be done. Another road, perhaps another road block of goblins, but it was not to be.

Back in town, empty hands, the fellowship settled in for the night…. but not for long…
the City alarm rudely made an end to that.

P.S. I hope you can't see english ain't my native language :)
P.S.S. to be honest I did borrow a lot from the boards as wel from all great threads i could find. So please give credits to yourself if you read something you have come up with. Very special thanks to Grimfodder.

Hi there,
I have a question regarding wild shape.
A Druid player in my RotRL campaign (to start in 3 weeks)asked me if I'd know some large birds.
Point is he has made a PFRPG druid with the eagle shaman archetype.
So when he shapechanges in a roc or an eagle that is at +2 druid lvl (-2 for all other creatures)
But we can't seem to find a large eagle or roc for when he can change into large animals.
So I told him to add a template to an existing roc or eagle and was told that that wasn't allowed (I couln't find that in the rules/ maybe missed it)
And even with that rule the roc from bestiary is gargantuan and the the eagle only small.

Does anyone have a tip to help us out?


I was all to eager to get my hands on the innersea world guide, I forgot to subscribe for the pathfinder campaign setting. I just ordered it seperate by mistake.

How can we make this right?


snowyak wrote:
I also couldnt find the number of spell's a wizard is alowed to start with.

This I did find in the meantime

Maybe we can keep up to date with this thread.

I found this thread on the WotC site.
some of you may have read it too.

If you find some new info on 4th ed. please post here