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CBDunkerson wrote:
The table is from Animal Archive, and no it doesn't apply to Eidolons.

Was linked to that page from another forum post discussing item slots and eidolons and thought it made sense to apply the same rules as animals. But ok, I'm gonna pop a robe and hat on my lion-like eidolon! ;)


Funny thing?

According to the list, no eidolon forms possess the 'body' item slot:

So... this item is useless? ss-eidolon-anchoring

I'm running this adventure, but am a bit worried about the difficulty of the last encounter. Hopefully, this is the place to post? (Sorry, if it isn't)

Press here for details:
Although the characters may have gained a level and all reached level 7, they are still facing a deadly opponent (CR10) who might even have some help (2xCR5). The combat would start with a fear spell, which might reduce the number of PCs by one or two. If someone falls for the trap (CR5), another PC might be removed. All in all it's almost an APL+5 encounter... I can't see how this fight would end than a loss 9 times out of 10?