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I really like the idea of soundscapes and using audio as a GM to enhance the immersion...on paper.

In practice I find that I don't like it as much, for the same reason books are better than movies.

In a book everything happens in your head. But a movie forces you to visualize (or hear) things a certain way

Joshua James Jordan wrote:

There's some great stuff out there.

Here's my go to character sheet: thRRUvS8/edit?ouid=104945960420517135910&usp=sheets_home&ths=true

Some great automated GM tools:

Thanks! But the google docs link doesn't seem to work (ie file doesn't exist)

Hi all. Long time lurker, but don't post much. I came across a post saying there's some excellent community-created things and spreadsheets for Starfinder.

Can someone point my way to them?

DrDeth wrote:

Some people just love this trivia, they would far rather collect and write down things like "slightly flawed agate carved into square worth 2gp" than "2gp".

It's harmless and they have fun.

What I do is have my PC collect little bags full of copper & silver, then drop these if pursued or for bribes or gifts or for beggars. Great RP thing.

These are great points and ideas, thanks!

Is it just me, or are these denominations simply negligible and irrelevant?

Even early on, the amount of treasure/wealth/money to give to a level 2 character, as an example, is in the hundreds of gold.

Why even bother with anything lower than gold coins?

I wish they had made copper and silver more used in the early stages of the game. But right now, even the simplist magic items cost hundreds of gold. As it stands, there is no reason or incentive to track how much copper and silver you have. If a piece of bread costs 1 silver in a tavern, is it really worth the trouble to track that your character spent 1 silver? That's only 1/10th of a gp!

CzarGarrett wrote:

In the Kingmaker AP (first part I believe)

** spoiler omitted **

You could look at that for some more specific details.

Thanks CzarGarrett, and everyone else for the input.

Odraude wrote:
At the moment, no. But, I could see him as a victim of bestow curse. In the spell, it does state that you can make your own curse that fits the power level. And I think that would be appropriate for a third/fourth level spell.

Thank you much Odraude! I will do just that!

Hi all. New Pathfinder player here. So far, loving it!

I had an idea for a campaign I'm running which involves the party coming across a wolf or animal of some kind that is actually a druid that is "stuck" in animal form, maybe from a curse or something. Then the party would have to figure out how to remove the curse, saving the poor druid.

Are there existing, specific rules for this kind of thing?