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Hi, I've joined a weekly game with an experienced PFS group, all of whom have their own PCs of level 5 or higher. I've played through about 10 sessions with them, and only one of those quests was in the level 1 range, so for the most part, all of my xp is being earned by level 4 or level 7 pregens, and banked for some future version of a PC that I can't play yet.

While not exactly a newbie at this stage, I still don't have a character of my own to use in PFS, and it's really bumming me out. I seem to have few hopes of getting a PC leveled up before the 2e comes out in August.

That being said, am I correct that I could ask my VA to apply my chronicle sheets to a first level PC of my own making--so that I can get to level 2, at least (with the penalty being I only earn 500 gp for those sessions)?

Assuming that's correct, is there some way to get the PC *PAST* level 2, if I keep taking the 500 gp penalty--and assuming our group keeps wanting to play level 4 to level 7 adventures? I would really like to have my own character to play in what remains of the 1e PFS, but I seem to be cursed by the system to stay at level 2 or play pregens...