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For God's sake, the Org Play # spot is way too small. Paizo, please fix this. It seems to me that particular space is the most important spot for PCs to log on the reporting sheet.

Adam Daigle wrote:
Hey signaltonoise, replying to people on the forums doesn't notify them in any way other than showing that there are new posts in this thread, so you don't have to repeatedly post the link to your petition. Thanks!

Sorry about that!

I've started a petition to encourage Paizo to reprint this useful and interesting title. Please sign in lieu of more nitpicking!


Mark Stratton wrote:
What email? I have a pre order I submitted Wednesday but have no way to modify it for Gen Con pick up.

There's an email I received at 9 AM EST this morning from the "Paizo Goblins" aka news@email.paizo.com with the subject line "Preorder Your Pathfinder Second Edition Launch Products Today!"

If you didn't receive it, maybe it went to your SPAM filter or maybe you aren't on the mailing list due to preferences, etc.

Sara Marie wrote:

Everyone is on board with having the new releases available for pre order pick up at Gen Con 2019. I'm checking in with Rai & her tech team folks to be sure we have the process for selecting this option when placing orders and to change it on existing orders before I put this out into the world officially.

Opting in for convention pick up should start happening around June 10th and the last date to make that choice will depend on when Will needs the truck to leave for Indy.

I saw the email blast this morning about needing to place a preorder by this week if you want to pick them up, but there was no mention of Gencon specifically. Also, the 6/10 date that you mentioned for potentially opting into GenCon pickup has passed. Could you please let us all know how to best go about ordering for GenCon pickup? Many thanks.

Richard Lowe wrote:

VTT lasts 3-5 hours much like irl and is played over the internet using a program, such as Roll20 or Fantasy Grounds


Manythanks for these helpful suggestions and warm welcomes!

Quick question, do games which run on Roll20 also appear on FantasyGrounds, or do GMs have to choose the VTT (limiting the potential PC selection for the session)?

Is there a general preference that seems to be out there in VTT PFS for one or the other program? I looked at both and Fantasy Grounds seems a bit more polished or user friendly for me, but I'll go with Roll20 if there are more game options that way...

Hi, I've joined a weekly game with an experienced PFS group, all of whom have their own PCs of level 5 or higher. I've played through about 10 sessions with them, and only one of those quests was in the level 1 range, so for the most part, all of my xp is being earned by level 4 or level 7 pregens, and banked for some future version of a PC that I can't play yet.

While not exactly a newbie at this stage, I still don't have a character of my own to use in PFS, and it's really bumming me out. I seem to have few hopes of getting a PC leveled up before the 2e comes out in August.

That being said, am I correct that I could ask my VA to apply my chronicle sheets to a first level PC of my own making--so that I can get to level 2, at least (with the penalty being I only earn 500 gp for those sessions)?

Assuming that's correct, is there some way to get the PC *PAST* level 2, if I keep taking the 500 gp penalty--and assuming our group keeps wanting to play level 4 to level 7 adventures? I would really like to have my own character to play in what remains of the 1e PFS, but I seem to be cursed by the system to stay at level 2 or play pregens...

Bob Jonquet wrote:
Yes, we submitted our schedule, but it takes time to post something like 12,000+ events

Thanks, Bob, that's understandable.

Is it fair to conclude that Paizo's events will be posted before registration opens next Sunday?

UPDATE: While the conversion process (PDF to MOBI) using Calibre was relatively hassle-free, the reulting output on the kindle was sadly....garbage! The graphics layout in the original PDF files present major issues for MOBI. And, the kindle has no way of internalizing the table of contents, index, etc.

I returned my kindle and am using a 4th Generation iPad now. It's very easy to import pdfs to the "Books" app, and view them in full resolution there. All of the art is well-rendered and the text is easily navigated.

So, to sum up...do not use a Kindle to view Paizo's pdf resources. Not worth it.

I purchased a huge trove of Pathfinder 1e content on humblebundle in 2019 as pdfs, and trying to read them on my laptop got old quickly. I wanted something more portable and more like a book than a computer, so I have just purchased a Kindle Paperwhite (though I deeply, deeply loathe Amazon) to view the content more easily.

My understanding from reading reviews is that the Paperwhite is preferable to a Fire Tablet because the Paperwhite is designed for reading and has a matte finish screen (especially good in high glare environments or direct sunlight), while the Fire has a gloss finish screen which is really better for HD video content.

So, in terms of converting pdfs to MOBI format (which is the approved Kindle file format), I have found it an easy process.

I am using Calibre to convert the files, which can be done in bulk (and is preferable to emailing the kindle people each pdf individually). The DRM/watermark on Paizo's exported pdfs is not causing any issues for me so far.

As an example, I just converted the following Paizo pdfs (the lite single file version, wherever possible) into MOBI, which took Calibre 20 minutes to complete. That's 253 MB of raw pdf data.

*Core Rulebook
*Game Mastery Guide
*Advanced Player's Guide
*Advanced Class Guide
*Ultimate Combat
*We Be Goblins
*Goblins of Golarion