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They don't have any of this module at the Gen Con booth and I am super bummed out about that.

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Thank you for the review, EZG! Much appreciated. :)

Man I just can't get the links on this board sorted out. Thanks, OSW!

Hello! In case anyone who enjoys Thunderscape might be interested, we're currently running a Kickstarter for the Savage Worlds edition of our core rulebook. Drop by and check it out! We'd love to have you on board. :)

Kyoudai Games looking for freelance writers & designers interested in system conversions.

We here at Kyoudai Games are interested in writers who have the knowledge and skill to convert existing Pathfinder mechanics into thematic and flavorful mechanics for the Savage Worlds role-playing game. To clarify the details below, we're actually interested in providing a writer with a copy of one of our sourcebooks and getting a bid from him/her to see what they feel an appropriate wage would be for converting the mechanics contained within that sourcebook. We have multiple opportunities here so this is not a one-person affair. Please direct all inquiries to and CC Thank you!

Project Length: Variable
Pay Rate: Variable
Additional details: Fluency with both Pathfinder and Savage Worlds required.
Respond by: Your earliest convenience.

The Goreaux's Guide to Golems (And Various Other Servitors), a Sourcebook for Mechamages & Steamwrights, is the next class book on the schedule.

Now available in POD form over at DTR if you are a bibliophile like myself. :) Although for PDF, of course, you should just pop on over the shop here at Paizo. They can meet all your digital needs right here!

If you're strapped for cash, thought I'd mention that we're the Deal of the Day over at DriveThru! You know, in case a twenty-spot seemed like a bit too much but you just reeeeeeeaaally wanted to try out some hot hot Thunderscape action.

Malwing, it's hard to say. Making things available in compiled hardcover means paying a second layout cost and then using that as a POD file, which honestly is going to be so expensive to the customer that we can ill afford any significant mark-up to make a profit on it. I'm not saying that we won't do it, I'm just saying that when the time comes we'll have to look at our options very carefully.

In terms of more mechanically-oriented sourcebooks, we have some plans. Once we finish the class sourcebooks, we're interested in a series of smaller but similar books that create hybrid classes of our existing classes, much in the same way that the Advanced Class Guide afford players new options by recombining the same sort of toys in new mixtures. And we still have plans for the Wildlife Journal series. Right now we're considering an installment that features exclusively mounts, familiars, animal companions and the like, all based firmly in the world of Aden.

I have some ideas for things beyond that as well, but it's probably too soon to talk about those. ;)

Malwing, next us is the Goreaux's Guide to Golems, which is for the Mechamage and Steamwright classes.

Then we have something... special... planned for the last installment with the Entomancer. Muhuhahahahaha!

scarman wrote:
3 Major Prophecies

Errata issued in record time! But only to my post. ;)

There are 8 major prophecies, not 3.
There are 3 master prophecies, not 0.

It's never a good idea to make a post when your kiddo is clamoring for you to come play Call of Duty Advanced Warfare. Nothing good comes of it!

Woo, thanks Liz!

As per usual, I will give a breakdown of new mechanical options available in the book, because I know that there are people who want to make sure they get the bang for the buck that they desire. Here you go:

19 Strategic Maneuvers
11 Minor Prophecies
3 Major Prophecies
10 Spells
5 Pieces of Equipment
6 Pieces of Armor
2 Weapons
1 Special Material
1 Magic Weapon Property
4 Magic Items
1 Cursed Magic Item
7 Feats
8 Traits
3 Archetypes
- Adjudicator (Arbiter)
- Fatesealer (Seer)
- Mentor (Seer)

For me, though, the real winner is the Secrets of the Seers section that Rich included toward the end of their section. What delicious goodies it contains!

Hello, everyone!

I wanted to say that in addition to the virtues espoused in the write-up above, one thing that we're really proud of with the Aden Wildlife Journal is that it is created to resemble the in-world journal it represents. In other words, if a character in your game were to purchase a copy or be given it by an NPC, you could simply hand them the POD copy and it serves the same purpose. It is written in an in-world perspective, with lots of information about Mekanus and its surrounding area, as well as some biting commentary by the author and his editorial counterpart.

Plus, the new page design by Mike Brodu looks fantastic, and really brings across the in-world style. Thanks Mike!

Hello! Liz stealthed this one up on us a couple weeks ago, and for that I say thank you very much! If anyone has questions or feedback, we would of course love to hear it. Kyoudai Games is all about customer feedback!

The print-on-demand proof arrived today and it looked great! I have just now approved the ability to order PODs on DTR. I don't think you can do that here on Paizo but I'll see what I can do about getting them some hard copies. Might take a while, though!

The Iron Guard Field Guide is already available in Print on Demand form from DriveThruRPG, and I'm waiting on the proof for Saints & Sinners to green light POD for it as well.

My crew keeps a small number of each on hand for conventions and such, and they look great! DTR's work is top notch.

Glad you like it, Wolfie! Jeff Porter does great work, doesn't he?

And I would feel guilty if someone purchased a book because of a mistaken impression of what it contained. For mechanic sourcebooks like this, I feel like transparency is the best way to ensure satisfied customers.

I had a spare moment between classes!

Fallen Mechanics
• Apparition Stigma
• Cataclysm Stigma
• Drake Stigma
• Drowned Stigma
• Midnight Stigma
• Rimeweaver Stigma
• Sanguine Stigma
• Scrapheap Stigma
• Stormwracked Stigma
• Withered Stigma

Thaumaturge Legends
• The Arcadian
• The Beast
• The Champion
• The Demon
• The Faceless
• The Fencer
• The Haunt
• The Holy
• The Kraken
• The Magister
• The Martyr
• The Sage
• The Sentinel
• The Woodsman

Thaumaturge Aspects
• Acumen
• Allure
• Bloodlust
• Conquest
• Divinity
• Firepower
• Genius
• Guile
• Horsemanship
• Inspiration
• Nature
• Poison
• Potency
• Punishment
• Resolve
• Solitude
• Steadfastness
• Vigor

Thaumaturge Greater Aspects
• Arcana
• Death
• Defiance
• Eternity
• Intangibility
• Invincibility
• Lightning
• Meditation
• Mourning
• Power
• Precision
• Purity
• Radiance
• Transference

General Mechanics
• 5 new items
• 3 new magic weapon properties
• 7 new magic items
• 13 new feats
• 8 new traits
• Chimeric Archetype (Fallen)
• Carnivore Archetype (Fallen)
• Saint Archetype (Thaumaturge)
• Soulless Archetype (Thaumaturge
• 1 new cleric domain
• 1 new sorcerer bloodline

Thanks Liz!

Once I'm off work I'll post a complete list of included mechanical options like I did for The Iron Guard Field Guide. Informed customers are happy customers!

FYI, we recently added the official errata to our homepage!

In the absence of errata to the contrary (and this is something that needs to be addressed, so thank you for bringing it to my attention), go with the table!

Hello, Oceanshieldwolf!

I spoke to Rich and this is what he asked me to communicate from his perspective as Lead Designer for all our mechanics.

"When Fallen receive a Stigma ability at 2nd level, it is always an ability that either modifies the way they apply scourge damage or the status abilities affected by torment. Horror and Behemoth are each designed to take greater advantage of scourge and torment's default functionality (each in their own unique way), so they did not receive an additional ability at that level. Seducer got so many basic tools at 1st level (things that they needed to function as Seducers) that a 2nd level ability seemed excessive.

That being said, I realize that this can create a potential stumbling block when dealing with possible archetypes and the like in teh future,s o we're possibly considering giving these three stigmas some sort of minor utility ability at 2nd level if we revisit these particular rules at some point, just to make things more even."

How does that strike you?

The second installment was delayed but is in editing now, and I love it even more than the first. I knew getting Rich to write them was the correct choice. It will be out by the end of this month! We're already storyboarding module #3 as well so we hope to close the gap between the installments.

Hello, Freedom16! I'm glad you're enjoying Thunderscape.

We have some plans that include the release of additional creatures specific to Aden (and we will be making an announcement concerning this in the near future), but in the meantime, might I suggest that you peruse an article we posted on our website to address such concerns? It's our job to make your campaign easier, after all.

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Barong, I understand your questions very well. They are questions that I myself asked many years ago when I was pondering the secrets of the world of Aden, long before I was fortunate enough to be able to purchase the rights to the game.

Some of the questions you are asking are central to the plotline of our first Adventure Path, the Lost Lexicon. The second installment of that module has been delayed somewhat but we are taking steps to make sure that the rest of it is delivered in a prompt and timely manner. Hopefully, if you get the chance to peruse it in time, you'll find the answers you're looking for and begin to understand why the people of Aden seem so confused about the state of religion in their world. :)

Well, not to spite you, no. But yes, the seer book (or as I like to call it, the triple threat) is the last one being released, yes. I'm sorry!

Hooray! Thanks Liz!

We solicited a tremendous amount of feedback from our first release in this line, Academy of Mechamagic, and we tried to make sure that we addressed as many concerns as possible. I hope you'll give this one a try and see how the format has evolved! Your feedback is, of course, always welcome and very much appreciated.

The next one is Thaumaturge/Fallen. We're wrapping up our playtest at the First Exposure Playtest Hall at GenCon next week, so I'm hoping it will be ready for release by early- to mid-September. Ideally before that, but I hate to promise and fail to deliver.

My apologies, folks! I missed the follow up question! I would be delighted to share with you the contents of the book!

- 14 new Minor Implants
- 12 new Basic Implants
- 7 new Advanced Implants
- 3 new Superior Implants
- Steamshadow Golemoid Specialization
- Harrier Golemoid Specialization
- 5 new Steamreaver Weapons

Thunder Scouts
- 14 new Scout Techniques
- 8 new Thunder Scout spells
- 2 new Basic Vehicles
- 3 new Advanced Vehicles
- 1 new Superior Vehicle
- 8 new Vehicle Features
- 1 new vehicle Maneuver

Additional Options
- 3 new pieces of Equipment
- 3 new magic weapon special abilities
- 11 new magic items
- 9 new feats
- 7 new Traits
- 4 new archetypes
--- Iron Scout (Thunder Scout)
--- Lone Rider (Thunder Scout)
--- Metalheart (Bard)
--- Modular (Golemoid)

As you can see, it's a tremendous amount of material crammed into a small package. I understand your trepidation over the price/page ratio, but I hope you can see that we have not skimped in any way, and we are providing you a tremendous bang for your buck when it comes to these two classes.

Liz: Thank you very much for the clarification. I've been writing RPGs for years but I'm pretty new to this side of things. If you guys ever need anything, you just let me know and I'll make it happen ASAP. :)

Kryzbyn: Thank you very much! We think so too. I hope you had occasion to enjoy our recent release, the Iron Guard Field Guide!

Bardadin: These are the same hardcovers that were created for the Kickstarter. There are no POD options for the core book available anywhere, and will not be until and unless we sell through the initial print run.

Ssalarn: Honestly I don't know how Paizo gets their stock, although I have been told they get it through a distributor like Alliance. As such I don't know what their ETA might be! We've got books, so they're somewhere in the pipeline, I just don't know where exactly.

We don't have firm plans to make a single print book, but we are planning to offer all of them as POD, which should be finalized at DriveThru within a week or so.

Are you asking about size or length? It's 36 pages and just under 18MB.

And there it is! Just went live ten minutes ago! d-Guide#2


Woohoo! Please feel free to ask any questions you might have. I would be delighted to answer. :)

FYI, guys, the first class book is available on DriveThru and should be up here as soon as it gets approved. Hopefully on Monday or Tuesday! You can get your golemoid and thunder scout on like whoa!

I get all you wolf-folk confused! :)

ObsessiveCompulsiveWolf is correct, however, in that there will be a series of four class books, each dealing with two of our new Thunderscape classes (one of them is a threefer, however, as you'll note the math doesn't work out otherwise).

Archetypes, feats, abilities, spells, and other support? Yes to them all!

There were a few errors that made it through editing with the Thaumaturge, yes, and that is one of them, Sam. We've moved the Thaumaturge book up to the second in our series of class books in order to address a few of the tidbits that went awry. It should be available in PDF/POD in August. Our Golemoid/Thunder Scout book is in layout now and should be available in PDF here in a couple of weeks and in PDF/POD at DriveThru at the same time.

PJ: Email me at and I will give you some additional options.

Hello, everyone!

First of all, your kind words are greatly appreciated. Thank you. :)

Secondly, we have ample copies of our full color hardbacks available. You can actually purchase them here on Paizo as of Friday, I believe. If they're out, however, you can either purchase them from Studio 2 Publishing, our fulfillment company, or you can email me directly at and we can get them to you directly, sans middle man. Whatever works for you is great for us! We're just excited to get Thunderscape out there for more people to enjoy.


Hot on the tail of our first Adventure Path module, which went live on DTR and here at earlier this week, we bring you the first in our Thunderscape Vistas line, the Academy of Mechamagic!

It's a drag-and-drop location meant to be usable anywhere in Aden (or elsewhere, if you prefer), with a built in specific location in case you don't want to work to adapt it to whatever city you're already playing in. Enjoy the beautiful map by Mike Brodu while you're at it!

Two products in a week! Bananas!

This is the first in a series of drag and drop locations intended for use anywhere you want in Aden or whatever campaign setting you prefer. In each Vista, we also include a specific exemplar location. In this particular case, you can use everything in this product either for a small mechamagic academy anywhere in Aden, or it can represent the Kixue Academy, a fledgling institution of learning in the city of Refuge, the largest surviving settlement in the ruined nation of Aramyst. Desperate to preserve the knowledge of his dying country, headmaster Dacius Quintus struggles to teach Refuge's gifted youngsters the secrets of mechamagic!

I hope you enjoy, and as always, please feel free to ask any questions you have here. I'd be delighted to answer them!

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Hello, friends! You may remember that recently we made out campaign setting / mechanics sourcebook and our first introductory adventure available here on (links below). I'm delighted to announce that we now also have the first module of our Lost Lexicon adventure path, Heart of the Machine, available here now as well!

The Core Book
The intro adventure
The Adventure Path begins!

Thunderscape is the setting for the classic SSI computer games Thunderscape and Entomorph (both now available at and is the newest setting for Pathfinder. Play as a mechanically augmented golemoid, a golem-commanding mechamage, an insect-summoning entomancer, or one of six other additional new classes, or incorporate your favorite classes from the regular Pathfinder rules!

I hope you'll take a look and find something you like, because I think Rich Wulf has outdone himself with this new adventure. I'm running a new group through it in my current weekly campaign and we're all having an amazingly good time. Join us, won't you?

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Addendum: If you prefer print-on-demand to PDF, you can get this particular work PoD over at DriveThru. But for PDF goodness, everything you need is right here at

Can't wait to hear what you guys think about it!

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Wonderful! You guys are crazy fast with these things.

I hope those of you who have enjoyed the Thunderscape core book will consider this. It's a fantastic adventure penned by my good friend Rich Wulf. I'm enjoying running a group through it right now!

You are correct, Jadeite, and with the exception of the Adventure Path, which by its very nature has to take place over an extended amount of time, we are working on all those items as we speak. The first Thunderscape Nights is out, the first Thunderscape Vistas is almost ready for release, we've uploaded the first AP module and we're just waiting on POD proofs, and the first class guide is due out at the end of this month, with another (the second of four) to follow in the summer.

So make no mistake, we're hard at work on everything from the Kickstarter. We're just considering additional bits here and there. For instance, we have recieved a lot (and I mean a LOT) of interest in adventure modules based on the two original PC games. I have considered a very low-target Kickstarter to get those produced in PDF form, but I cannot in good conscience do so until we have most of the original KS out. At least then backers can see that we are serious and that we deliver on our promises.

It's interesting that you ask about a bestiary. We've talked a lot about that. The concern here is that, as a small company just starting out, a bestiary is usually a GM purchase, meaning we'd get lower sales, and it's very high art density, meaning greater cost. Until we grow our fanbase a bit, it's a very risky proposition and we're a little concerned it might be a mistake to get into at this point.

That being said, however, as Darkfire so rightly points out, the video games are full of weird nasties that might make good PF conversions, and I've recently stumbled onto an idea that I think might be a viable way to introduce small bestiary volumes of 10-12 monsters at a time, so I'm working on a proposal to take to the other board members and see what we can do. I mean, if the bestiary wasn't a viable concept, Paizo wouldn't keep making them, right?

I swear, the problem with Thunderscape is that there are so many fun things I want to do, and not enough time to do them. :)

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To anyone who might be interested, I am expecting print-on-demand proofs of this work to arrive this week. Once approved, I will let you know where the POD copies can be purchased if you are so inclined.

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Hello, everyone, and thank you for your kind words. I hope the product lives up to your excitement!

Kajehase, I see that you are interested in the breakdown of the book. Let me see what I can give you in the way of information.

The introduction is 2 pages, no rules.
Chapter 1: Races is 18 pages, probably 50/50 there.
Chapter 2: Classes 75 pages, something like 90+% rules.
Chapter 3: Feats, Traits, and Skills is 8 pages, 95+% rules.
Chapter 4: History is 6 pages, 100% world info (obviously)
Chapter 5: Life in Aden is 12 pages, 100% world info.
Chapter 6: Nations of Eastern Aden, 18 pages, 100% world info
Chapter 7: Nations of Western Aden, 18 pages, 100% world info
Chapter 8: Magic, 16 pages, probably 85% rules
Chapter 9: Technology, 32 pages, probably 75% rules
Appendix, 12 pages, 10 of them taken up with the bestiary (all rules)

I hope you decide to give it a try, but I wanted to answer your question because I would hate for you to purchase it without a clear understanding of what you're getting. That just leads to disappointment.

Firearms in Aden have advanced beyond the muzzle-loading stage and now use proper cartridges. They are on the brink of developing revolving chamber firearms, and if you wanted to introduce that to your game it would be appropriate, but we didn't include them in the core rules. As for automatic weapons, absolutely not. They're nowhere near that level.

(Unless of course you want them to be in YOUR Aden...)

Fafnir: Our firearm paradigm is pretty different from the one that incorporates Gunslingers. If you choose to use that class, we recommend you use them exactly as they were intended, but mixing them with Thunderscape firearm rules could prove problematic.

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