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I thought I had struck gold last month when Paizo offered an extra 20% off of their bargain bin minis, but boy was I wrong. I ordered a bunch of minis for the campaign I just started running thinking I would have them in 2-4 weeks, but I just checked on the status since they hadn't shipped yet and they are telling me that they will ship in an unknown timeframe. It has been 25 days since I ordered.

Apparently, the items that were in stock when I ordered are now not available. Paizo apparently doesn't have the decency to let you know with a simple e-mail. I wouldn't be that annoyed if they had let me know and maybe shipped the items that were available, since they are only waiting on 2 out of 10. I paid almost the same for shipping as I did for the products I ordered, so I am pretty ticked off to have been screwed out of the stuff I needed. I have been having to use LEGO minifigs as stand ins for the NPCs in my campaign. I could have saved myself the hassle and expense if I had just never bothered to buy minis. Buyer beware, I guess.