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Alright. I have several different questions and corrections, most of them about about ships.

Pg. 141 - "Heavy Spacefaring vessel" looks like it was formatted like description text from the previous ship
Pg. 143 - "Superheavy Spacefaring Vessel" Same issue as above.

Missing(?)/Contradicting info:
Pg. 155 - "... using it is within a solar system it has a Speed , and when traveling between the stars it has a Speed 15." The speed within the solar system appears to be missing, and the speed between stars contradicts the description text directly below it which says it's 21. It also says Maximum Speed twice in the description text.
Pg. 160 - "Death Blossom" The point buy of this entry (3) is not the same as the table starting on Pg. 182 (6)
Pg. 167 - "Gravity Generator" The point buy of this entry (4) is not the same as the table on Pg. 182 (6)
Pg. 171 - "Personal Teleporter" The point buy of these entries (2,3,4) is not the same as the table on Pg. 182 (1,2,3)
Pg. 172 - "Automated Piloting System" The point buy of these entries (2) is not the same as the table on Pg. 182 (1)
Pg. 161 - "Force Spear" The point buy of these entries (1) is not the same as the table on Pg. 182 (2)
Pg. 162 - "Spell projector" The point buy of these entries (5) is not the same as the table on Pg. 182 (4)

Pg. 159 - "Ballista, Storm" This weapon feels like it might not be priced correctly. Other than the additional check (UMD 22), this weapon feels in all ways superior to the lesser and greater ballista. This is even reflected in the price of storm compared to the greater. Is the point buy intentionally the same since it is harder to shoot and can't fire special ammunition, or should it have been 3? Also, "These weapons fire enchanted spears from a pod-mounted ballista." Does that mean that it has to be pod mounted, or is that just a case of mixing up fluff and crunch?
159 - "Pod Mounting" This question is two-fold. How do you aim a seige weapon normally, and what does Pod Mounting actually do mechanically? I know that in normal circumstances(Not in Space!), a siege weapon is aimed, loaded, and fired at the weapon location. Are the controls for a siege weapon in Starjammer inside the ship? do they need to be in the same location as weapon? I know that Pod mounting specifically answers the control question by stating it's in the pod. What pod mounting doesn't seem to do is specifically answer what pod mounting actually does. An example question would be, "Does pod mounting reduce a Lesser Ballista Aim to 0, as long as it is within a 45°-90° angle of it's mount point on the ship?"
Pg. 182-183 - "Vessel Modifications Kite, Raider, Skiff" I notice that the kite and raider both mention that a ship has to have the space to accommodate them, and that the skiff says that it can mount outside or be shoved into cargo. Is there a reason why the kite/raider can't be shoved into cargo? What is the incentive to get a kite/raider as a point buy rather than buying them separately, since the point buy is one more than each ship actually gets? Can I actually buy a kite/raider separately and still dock them in a ship? what ship hulls can "accommodate them?"
Pg. 135 - "Available Point Buy" I understand that the available point buy is part of buying the ship, but what if I want to put more stuff on it with cold hard cash? Can I do that, or is the point buy for each vessel hull a hard cap of sorts?
Pg. 178 - "Advanced Starfighter Template" Speaking of point buys, how can you apply this template to a corvette or destroyer when it costs more points than either vessel hull has available?

Vessel Hulls in General
Okay, so this has to do with base vessel hulls starting on Pg. 135 and ending on Pg. 144
Cargo/Passengers: How much space does the cargo and passengers take up? Can I assume that it is the same as the "additional cargo space" and "additional crew space"? Is the cargo/passenger space calculated into the base hull's squares? An example would be the Destroyer. If it has 30 tons/30 passengers, does that mean 120 of it's 160 squares are dedicated to cargo/passengers?
HP: How is the HP determined on any of the base vessel hulls? Why does a 2 square raider have 640 HP and a 20 square skiff have 320 HP even though they are made of the same level of material? What is the chart about vessel points by material on Pg. 133 even for?
Vessel Hit Points by Material: Can I build a ship from scratch rather than use a base hull?

I have several other questions, but I am le tired. I'll post some more stuff later!