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There's always this for $5. Granted its 3.5 but it should still work without much issue.

Kindly ignore! My neighbor just dropped it off at my door - the mailman gaffed and delivered to her accidentally.

Move along. Nothing to see here...

Can trace be put our on this order? It shipped on 7/29 but has yet to be delivered.

I haven't seen it, but supposedly the fan-made Phantom Edit made Ep 1 a watchable film. Of course, anything would have made Ep 1, including gasoline and matches.

The only magical martial artist I know of from history is the ... ninja!

I've always liked the Indian kshatriya, though that feels like it would have more of a divine connection than an arcane.

Rakhir (as a nod to Elric without being Elric.)

Chuck Norris!

Looks good. Many thanks!

Please cancel both of my companion and module subscriptions. I love 'em, but my wallet doesn't. I'll cherry pick PDF's of these from here on out.


This guy sounds like he's having trouble getting his head around the fact that his dumb lab partner is affecting his grade and that he has to take a cross-cultural class he doesn't like.

Frankly, he comes across as a guy who thinks he's better than his peers and that his degree is sullied by their presence.

Ask anybody who's the first in their family to go to college if a degree is worthless. Or better yet, ask your friendly neighborhood corporate recruiter who is likely to be the more productive employee, the guy with a degree or the guy without one.

Enpeze wrote:
the last I want to see in Cheliax is kind of "Fantasy 3rd Reich". Just because the genre we play in is called "Fantasy" does not mean that everything can and should be made. Fascism is a child of the modern 19th and 20th century. It has no place in the D&D fantasy genre IMO.

My philosphy is a bit rusty, but didn't Plato outline - and promote - a fascist state in The Republic and the concept of the philospher-kings?

Dumb question: how compatible are the races/classes with 3.X games? Has anyone ported thee classes into anything other than a D20 modern game?

1) Plane hopping, preferably in LE territory. Devils always get the AP shaft!

2) Stop the big bad organization rather than the big bad villian. Slave rings, evil merchants (like the Lumber Consortium in Darkmoon Vale), or circle of wizards.

3) Invasion! I loved the githyanki idea in Dungeon #100 and Red Hand of Doom but a full path would be great. Maybe sea-born invaders, mayber interstellar, maybe planar, it doesn't really matter (though, the drow in second darkness may fill this bill - I'm still working through part 2).

4) Undead. I have a soft spot for scheming undead with creepy minions.

5) Dinosaurs. Just 'cuz.

Psychic_Robot wrote:

And often times, the majority of people are dumb.

From your agrument, you're implying that I am dumb. I assure you that I can speak quite well.

Psychic_Robot wrote:

If you make these arguments, you are ruining the game.

Yes. You read that correctly. You are literally ruining the game for everyone who wants a solid, more balanced system than what 3.5 offered. You are literally ruining the game for everyone who wants to avoid a slew of house-rules that he or she had to adopt to make 3e function properly. You are literally ruining the game for people who see the potential that Pathfinder has.

Finally! Ultimate power is within my grasp!


If people don't pony up free lunches for the rest of my life, I'll ruin Pathfinder for everyone! Everyone, I say!

My Rule 0 arguement will send all threads into flaming ruin! Feed me or I'll bleed the game dry and send your children to the dark age of gaming with only rational distractions like Old Maid and Bridge to soothe their itch.

I am hungry and am not to be trifled with!

Mr. Buhlman, you are my puppet and must blindly accept the ultimate power of my Rule 0! I, not you, will decide how Pathfinder will be played. Playtesting and rationale be damned!

Then, once my least of Maslow's needs are secure, I'll turn the might Rule 0 against larger targets, like world hunger and Wal-Mart.

Rule 0!
Rule 0!
Rule 0!

If you look hard enough, you'll find more than that to offend. Violence, torture, racial sterotypes, cultural sterotypes, economic stereotypes, etc. I'd even bet their some bathroom humor. If you look hard enough, every story has something offensive. Take your pick.

But this particular movie is a satire/parody. Its showing all these behaviors intentionally and with purpose. If its a good satire, the poor behavior is highlighted to show that such actions are not OK. If its poor satire, then it might just be funny simply for funny's sake. Some jokes will work, some won't. That's the way comedy works -its points out the ridiculousness of people and they way they behave.

I'm going to see it and I'm going to laugh. Heck, I'll probably laugh a great deal.

For the record, my daughter is severly physically and mentally handicapped and I completely understand your apprehension.

My order suffered the same, exact fate! Plenty of cash in the account - payment declined notice!

DragonBelow wrote:
Burbank would be quite a drive for me, I am in Whittier, close to north OC

I'm in Fullerton and might be available.

The best solution is to add a clock. Let a minion (or note or some other gimmick) let slip that the big ritual ends at day/time X. If the PC's don't stop it in time, well, bad things happen (especially in SCAP).

My sidecart has been full for a while. It looks like this:

You have 4 items waiting to be shipped:

• Pathfinder Chronicles: Gazetteer (OGL) Print Edition
Paizo Publishing, LLC
• Pathfinder #10—Curse of the Crimson Throne Chapter 4: "A History of Ashes" (OGL) Print Edition
Paizo Publishing, LLC
• Pathfinder Companion: Second Darkness (OGL)
Paizo Publishing, LLC
Preorder - expected August 2008
• Pathfinder Module W3: Flight of the Red Raven (OGL) Print Edition
Paizo Publishing, LLC

Is this waiting for something before it falls from the tree?

I'm in a similar situation with my sidecart - still unstuck.

I've used 2 methods in the past:

1) Roll 2 die, drop one (kind of like rolling 4d6 and drop the lowest).

2) Fix the minimum then add a single die. d12 becomes 6+1d6, d10=4+1d6, d8=4+1d4, & d6=2+1d4 (I ditched d4's for hp long ago but a straight d4 seems appropriate). Mearls used a similar approach in Iron Heroes (no books at work to reference, though).

The latter version was ultimately more rewarding (PC's ARE above average, afterall. Otherwise, they'd be commoners).

Mike Selinker wrote:

The damn thing is, we have to split our organized play program into Yetisburg League and Yetisburg Union.

(Does that get me the Joke-The-Fewest-People-Will-Get award, Rugbyman?)


Probably :(

How'd the hookers do in playtest? I'd guess a yeti hooker is a sight to behold! ;)

True or not, any rugby-inspired game has to be good!*

*I may be biased.

Re: rubuke burst.

"3 evil clerics walk into a bar...

...and kill everyone without rolling once!"

(sorry, couln't resist).

I like the damage/healing to undead the turn/rebuke provides. Straight and simple. I'm a little less convinced about the "take control" aspect and the healing/harming burst.

I don't play evil characters, but if I did - or played a neutral cleric with rebuke - and I ran into an NPC cleric with undead, I'd try and take 'em. Or at least create a 3-round tug of war for control.

I'm not sure a 3-round tug of war is fun for anybody. Any living allies that get too close to the ego-war, they get zapped.

Which of course, brings us to the heal side of the equation. The mass healing between encounters doesn't bother me as most players I know run out of desirable spells before they run out of hit points.

The biggest risk I see is extending combat if everybody, and I mean everybody, gets healing up to 3 times an encounter. A 10-round encounter against mooks is certainly possible if a) the mooks have just 1 moderately threatening undead or b) a few players get bad rolls and take significant damage. One or two heal bursts and the fight never ends!

A previous poster (sorry, I forget whom) suggested a bonus to allies. This I like. Sort of like a Bless or Bane effect. That's not overly tied to positive and negative energy though so you lose some of the turn undead theme.

I'm not sure what the answer is, unless the effect only affects undead and not living folks. Then it is just "turn undead".

I'm starting to ramble. Time to go.


Looks like my order status has changed to "shipping". Hurrah!

And it looks like only 3 books removed from the 12 book order. Hurrah?

It does seems there is some staging going on, which the other threads ahd led me to believe was not the case.

It any event, I'm glad its (mostly) over.

Olaf the Stout wrote:

Many thanks.

rugbyman wrote:
Unless the web is inaccurate, I get the sinking feeling I'm looking at a measly 58% fill rate on this order.

I think I lost another one. Make that 50% - and counting? (there's still 2.5 hours left in the sale)


Not to take your time away from shipping orders, but is that the only book gumming up the works?

The inventory status on the web show a grand total of 5 unavailable, only 2 of which have been addressed - the cancelled Crisis in Freeport and Creatures of Freeport as mentioned.

Unless the web is inaccurate, I get the sinking feeling I'm looking at a measly 58% fill rate on this order.

Cosmo wrote:
rugbyman wrote:


Are there any other books holding this thing up? If so, I'd like to know which ones. Right now, if there aren't too many, I'd say split the order in 2 - one that "can" ship and one that "could" ship.


Everything is in and good to go. Your order should be shipping soon.



Is the above still true with this order? The discussion thread has me mighty nervous that my order is being plundered for other orders.

If splitting the order up will expedite things, please do so, even if its one item per order.

Thanks - you guys really do an admirable job.

KnightErrantJR wrote:
I worry now that a week from now I'll be looking at what's left of the order, with only a couple items still left in stock, while order that were smaller that came after mine basically chipped away at what I could get, even though my order was in sooner.

I'm in the same boat on my order from Nov 15. The "good" news about the 30-day lag is that my order is on pace to drop from $36 to $6.

Good news! I guess Friday really is the best day of the week.

Thanks, Cos

I may be overly simplistic, but I won't know if I'll like 4e - or buy it - until I see it. Sure its fun to predict the direction the game will go, to guess if it'll be "better" or "worse" (YMMV), but ulitmately, its a fruitless excercise until we see the final product.

Of course, bragging rights and being able to say "I told you so" in June is not to be overlooked!


Are there any other books holding this thing up? If so, I'd like to know which ones. Right now, if there aren't too many, I'd say split the order in 2 - one that "can" ship and one that "could" ship.


Works for me. Thanks!


I noticed that Crisis in Freeport was cancelled from my order today.

Is that a cancelled as in "it was removed so that the remainder of the order will ship and we'll ship Crisis later separately" or is it cancelled as in "we don't have any more, try and buy it again later"?

For those that do want a "cryptic-but-legal copy," Green Ronin has an OGL template for just that very thing!

Advanced Bestiary Web Enhancement - Eye King

Sebastian wrote:
But that might just be me...

Include me in that mindset. If I knew the APs would all come out in a collected, expanded format at a later date, I'd never buy the individual adventures in the first place.

hellacious huni wrote:
What is everyone most excited for in the sale?

Get the Advanced Bestiary and Book of the Righteous. Two of the best 3.X books made bar none. They're a great value at cover price. But for $4 combined?


Watcher! wrote:

And now, now I'm really worried that this will be a big anticlimax for some of you. Eh.. I did the best I could. I almost always making these maps 48 hours before I had to use them, and they still all have a real rushed feeling to them.. and once my players had gone through the section, I had no good reason to go back and refine them.

Anyway, I hope they're useful. If they suck, please spare my poor feelings. :)

Watcher - These are just what the doctor ordered! Frankly, such generousity on your anniversary is staggering. My wife would hold my PC under lock and key on my anniversary!

Many thanks!

I'll tell what would be good in an electronic product, especially one that uses the delve format for adventures, is to hyperlink the adventure text to the relevant delve page. Flipping back and forth with paper pages is annoying enough, but doing it with virtual pages is down-right aggrivating.

I'm getting carpal tunnel syndrome reading through the Lost Caverns.

If its not too late, I'd like these as well.

vescelus at yahoo dot com

Many thanks (even if I am too late!)

Heathansson wrote:
I think it'd have to be Crime and Punishment.

I'll second that. It was required summer reading in high school and after 200 pages, I figured the "F" on the test was less painful and easier to overcome. It was so bad I never bothered to even find out how it ended.

This piecemeal approach leaves me cold. I know the plan is to release a compiled edition at the end of the month, but frankly, its just anoying.

Its like ordering a sandwich, but you get the bread on Monday, the lettuce on Tuesday, the meat on Wednesday, and the condiments Thursday. Then you get the whole thing assembled for you Friday.

Just give me my sandwich/e-zine!

Molech wrote:

Okay, I've heard tons about "Kobold Quartery" but since I really have so little time to look, where can I find it? I figure if Baur and Jacobs are browsing this Thread one can certainly inform me.

It's some kind of internet periodical, right? Are you the exclusive author, Wolf, or editor? What site can give me an overview or sample? Is it like "Dragon" or something else? How much does it cost?

W. E. Ray

You can find it here

Wolfgang Baur wrote:
Given that WotC has stepped on KQ's series a bit, I think we kobolds may give Arch-Devils a rest soon.


I mean, pretty please no?

It would be nice if the blog included vouchers for a new car.

Nothing fancy, like a BMW or Lexus - that's just greedy.


But there for sure won't be two Pathfinders in October.


I and my monthly budget thank you for that!

I second the Green Ronin nomination. If the backstory of RotR allows, the Exarchs of Sin from the Book of Fiends will feature prominently.

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