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I was first introduced to making character with hero labs, and bought that software as well as pdf's to make my characters. Was great for year or so till an experienced player started coming in and found out was using hero labs, and questions every single thing on every one of my characters because he knows use hero labs. Have yet to see him question anyone else, even though there are others there that have been caught with mistakes to their builds. Though he finally did find something that hero labs messed up on, as there was a feat that was only supposed to be usable by orc's, that hero labs listed as usable by anyone.

Really takes the enjoyment out of playing PFS however, when have to keep breaking out the pdf's. Not a fan of 5E but find myself looking for 5E groups just to get away from this.

See a couple of Monk pirates. Thought Pirates where supposed to be Chaotic and Monks had to be Lawful.

I purchase Rise of the Runelords The Skinsaw Murders adventure deck from a FLAG Saturday and when opened it noticed that several of the cards have creases and folds in them. They are spread through out the 2 sealed packs that came in the box. By the distribution of them it appears that all of them in a row where damaged by the machine as being printed. Is there anyway I can get these replaced, as they are all differently marked by this so real easy to tell whats coming in the deck.

anyone else have ton of cards in this pack with creases and damage to them? About 1 out of every 6 cards has a fold or crease in it that goes through atleast half of card and looks to be pressed in. None are see so cards are basically marked out of box.