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Would absolutely love it if they came out with the first volume rather than the last as with Carrion Crown... We'll be thru most of the campaign before the folio is ready.

Mikaze wrote:
risdnalor wrote:
I'm dissapointed to see guns make their way into pathfinder. Modern, cyberpunk, sure... but not fantasy rp. They just don't belong.


Also, an optional class.

Many of you bring up excellent points. I knew it wasn't a "core" system, but I was viewing it from that perspective anyway. After consideration & contemplation I have changed my opinion and see where it could be a great thing under the right circumstance.

Options are good :)

I'm dissapointed to see guns make their way into pathfinder. Modern, cyberpunk, sure... but not fantasy rp. They just don't belong.

Luigi Vitali wrote:

Hi everybody.

I was looking at the APG recently, and I was starting to wonder whether it makes any sense to play a cleric in Pathfinder.
I wanted to play a divine class, and right now, all I can think about are inquisitors and oracles. They seem more intriguing, and less bounded, for their powers, to the tenets of a faith, while maintaining a strong "divine link".
It's not a matter of POWER. I think it's ok, and I wouldn't even dare to start a "underpowered clerics?" thread, giving the amount of the heated discussions that would follow. Moreover, I don't know why, but every time that someone speaks about the power of a cleric, the druid comes in. CODZILLA and all that. It's like druids and clerics are the same thing. I read things like "the cleric is not nerfed! druids can outdamage a fighter!". Anyone has a rational explanation for this?

No, what I am talking about is that this class does not appear to be interesting, at least mechanic-wise. Admittedly, I didn't play one yet, so I'm asking for opinions.

My main problem: Nothing unique about a cleric.

- domains? druid, urban druid, paladin, inquisitor (and urban druid can spontaneous cast domain spells!)
- channel energy? life oracle, paladin (and charisma based, so they are better than a cleric!)
- cleric spell list? Oracle

There's nothing, nada, zit, niente, special about it. It's like the designers wanted to make sure that nobody has ever any need to play this class.
Don't get me wrong, I know that no class in PF is necessary. You don't "need" a barbarian. However, if you want rage, you must play the barb. Favored enemy? Ranger. Special fighter feats? Fighter. But a cleric? what for?
There are no archetypes in the APG for the cleric, only subdomains, and to add insult to injury, subdomains are available to many classes! It's like giving the barbarians new rage powers, and then allow a fighter to take them.

Some more problems I see:
- feat taxed. Selective Channel? do I have to choose a feat to use a class feature in any useful...

This thread has inspired me to roll up a Cleric for the next campaign where I don't have to GM :)

aeglos wrote:

Hi there,

the Shop declined my credit card informations, I am pretty sure the card is valid?
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I just had the same problem, and I know the card is valid and has money on it.

*Le Sigh*