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overdark wrote:

Your reply on my last thread (which I'm goning to leave dead) didn't answer the question on the availability of Advanaced Firearms on Golarion.

From your last post, it would seem to me that they are indeed available, and in more places than just Alkenstar (Numeria was mentioned in the post).

I know they won't appear in any official published material, thats not the question. Do they exist, and are they available for purchase at the prices indicated in the playtest document.

Also how is a revolver cheaper than a pistol?

Thank you in advance. And continued success.

You can add guns as you see fit. However, the "blackpowder" guns specified in the firearms rule are just way over the top as far as reloading goes. A round of activity is only 6 seconds, and nobody can load and fire blackpowder type firearms in 6 seconds. A more standard time would be rounds and with feats could get down to 1 full round.

Owner - Flashback Gaming

Hey, where is the part about incorporating the Leadership Feat into mass combat?