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Thank you, Cordell, for your interpretation. I realize that Rangers do not gain the Warden Spells class feature until they gain their first Warden Spell.

The Snare Hopping Feat grants the Ranger the "snare hopping warden spell." Therefore, it would be granting that first Warden Spell.

I assume that the "Warden Spells sidebar" that you're referring to is the one in the Advanced Players Guide (APG), on page 133, in the additional Ranger feats section.

"Certain feats {such as the Snare Hopping Feat} grant you warden spells {like the snare hopping warden spell}, which are a type of focus spells. It costs 1 Focus Point (FP) to cast a focus spell. When you gain your first warden spell {in this case, the Snare Hopping Feat}, you also gain a focus pool of 1 FP."

The Snare Hopping Feat itself is shown on APG, p.132:

"Snare Hopping - Feat 2
Prerequisites: Snare Crafting, warden spells
You can magically move your snare around. You gain the
snare hopping warden spell (page 235). Increase the number of Focus Points in your focus pool by 1."

I would argue that the warden spell feats at Level 1 gain a focus pool of 1 Focus Point, because they are Level 1.

The Snare Hopping Feat, at Level 2, says "increase the number" because you may already have a pool. If you don't, increasing the number" of Focus Points from 0 to 1, still grants you 1 Focus Point.

And, in the APG, p.235:

"Snare Hopping - Focus 1
Cast 2-action somatic, verbal
Range: 10 feet; Targets one snare you built
You may not have placed your snare in the right place, but you can magically move it there. You teleport the target snare to another unoccupied location in range.
Heightened (+1) The range of the spell increases by 10 feet."

It is specifically listed as a Focus 1 spell, as in a 1st-Level Focus Spell aka a 1st-Level Warden Spell.

Again, my take on this is that taking the Snare Hopping Feat at Level 2 for a Ranger doesn't require taking the Gravity Weapon Feat or the Heal Companion Feat.

I'm looking for something specific in the rules (book and page number) that states that I would have to take one of those before the Snare Hopping Feat.

P.S. I can't find anything about this specific topic in the Paizo Pathfinder 2e Advanced Player Guide errata either.

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From the CRB, Glossary, p.628:

"anathema: When a character violates restrictions on their behavior imposed by the source of their power, they can lose related abilities. 86-87, 106, 118, 130."

p.86 is anathema related to Animal Instincts.

p.87 is anathema related to Dragon Instincts.

p.106 is directly related to the Champion class, including Paladins:

under Champion, Class Features, Champion's Code, The Tenets of Good:
"All champions of good alignment follow these tenets.
* You must never perform acts anathema to your deity or willingly commit an evil act, such as murder, torture, or the casting of an evil spell.
* You must never knowingly harm an innocent, or allow immediate harm to one through inaction when you know you could reasonably prevent it. This tenet doesn't force you to take action against possible harm to innocents at an indefinite time in the future, or to sacrifice your life to protect them."

p.118 is anathema related to Clerics.

p.130 is anathema related to Druids.


I'm new to Pathfinder 2e, and I'm attempting to build my first character, a Ranger.

I'd like to take just one Ranger Focus Spell/Warden Spell at Level 2: Snare Hopping.

Planned Ranger Feats:

  • Level 1: Monster Hunter;
  • Level 2: Snare Hopping;
  • Level 4: Snare Specialist;
  • Level 6: Quick Snares;
  • Level 8: Soothing Mist;
  • Level 10: Master Monster Hunter;
  • Level 12: Lightning Snares;
  • Level 14: Glass Skin;
  • Level 16: Ubiquitous Snares;
  • Level 18: Legendary Monster Hunter; and
  • Level 20: To The Ends of the Earth.

Based on my reading of the rules, a Ranger gets access to "warden spells" at first level, but can't use any of them unless the Ranger takes the appropriate feat to acquire it for use. Therefore, I could take just the one Level 2: Snare Hopping Feat and have one Focus Point and I'm off and running.

However, I've seen posts elsewhere that say that a Ranger must take either the Gravity Weapon Feat or the Heal Companion Feat at Level 1, in order to take any other Focus Spell related Feat.

Is that true? If so, where is that stated in the rules??? Or, am I correct in thinking that I can just take the one Snare Hopping Feat at Level 2?

Thank you so much for helping me figure out the Warden Spell/Focus Spell Feats for the Ranger!

Anne <3